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Monday, July 31, 2006

Ho'ing around, embracing the cock.

This is the hike I went on the second day I was in the Dolomites
Okay so here are some pics. I tried to put more up but that old Blogger insisted on doing what it does best. Namely anally probing Yours Truly. Never mind. Something's better than nothing..... See the captions beneath for the goings on of last weekend. Although I will say that when I went to the Dolomites I had hoped to get away from the sound of power tools. No such luck! Woke up to a lawn mower and renovations being done in the freaking apartment below. And the renovations on the house next door continue here in The Ganza too. Where's the serenity? I ask you! Anyway, keep reading this rest of this garb for all the juicy goss of The Cherry.

If I see another pair of these nordic walking sticks I may shove them up their owner's ass. I even saw one hiker walking as though the bottom of the sticks were tied to her shoelaces. She wasn't walking naturally. She was walking like right arm, right leg together then left arm, left leg. I had to start running to pass her, she was irritating the shit out of me that badly.

On Thursday I sent out an email to selected fans of mine letting them know I'm going back to Australia. Plan B was amoung The Chosen Ones and emailed me back. I wrote a lengthy response and whenI pressed send the computer shat itself. You can imagine my delight, no doubt. I surrendered and just sent him an sms saying that I had replied but that the computer died (I wasn't sure if he knew the past tense of shit so I kept it at died). He replied with an sms saying 'Are you free tonight?' At the time I receieved the sms I was in a serious situation (well as serious as my life could really ever get) and I could hardly keep from squealing like a school girl. It was then arranged that we'd meet later on Via Farini. Allie and I went to meet him and I didn't think it was game on at all, but Allie said from the start she knew it was. During our analysis (afterwards, of course) of the scenario she said he was touching moi at any given opportunity. I wasn't complaining. After going back to Allie's for bit, Plan B and I decided yet another frolick was on the cards. And it looks like there'll be a bit more frolicking to be had too. I have discovered that the best way to get an Ital into bed is to utter the magic words 'I'm leaving in a month'. Works a treat! If only I'd have known this months ago!

Just a beautiful shot!

Davide (the drama queen) has also decided 'he really values our friendship and that he really exaggerated the situation between us' and asked me out to dinner sometime this week. We ended up meeting his posse on Via Farini on Fuck Around Friday. Just as we arrived there we saw Marcello and he quickly came up and headed us off at the pass, muttering that Davide's girlfriend was there in between kiss hello's. Davide acting 'natural' follwed it up with kiss hello's of his own and a serious look that said 'You understand what's happening?'. He sms'd when the girldfriend left and it was safe to approach. The stupid thing is though, if we're 'just friends' why can't we meet his girlfriend. Fucker. So then we all went dancing at Dada.

I'm really annoyed that the part of the roof is in this shot. I did take two more of the same church though. Phew!

As soon as we got to Dada a sexy blond man from another night we went out appeared. We actually all went out together and I remember commenting on how hot he was without realising I was actually saying it to his girlfriend. Whoops! Never mind. So, let's call him 'X' because I don't know his name and that's what I've had to put his number in my phone as. I don't care if I never end up knowing his name, he's just so fucking sexy. He took me for a walk as he was leaving to exchange numbers. Yipee! But then when I got back Davide started asking me where I went. What is this 'friend'? The bloody Spanish Inquisition? Let it be known that I did not even kiss Davide on Friday night in true 'just friends' fashion. During the analysis of that situation Allie decided that he wasn't as hot as she first thought and was rather leprachaun-ish. It's true, he is and that's why I didn't want to go there. He is a nice guy though and continues to sms me each and every day the way 'just friends' do.

Italia! Italia!

Saturday was rather trying. We laid around the house willing the masses to sms us. Psychologically preparing ourselves for the bombardment that never actually happened. Well that in between analysing situations. In the end I ended up smsing the boys we met at Soe and Lucio's BBQ a few weeks ago. They were hitting up a 'discopub' (a term I loathe) in the neighbouring mountains, so we went with them. It was a blast. Alot less pretentious than Dada and the average age was about 12, nevertheless it was tops and the peeps older than 12 were hot!

This is the typical style of the houses, hotels and apartments up there in the mountains. Tres Swiss chalet, sweeties!

At first I couldn't get my groove on. Even when Shakira came on I couldn't get the moves happening. I retreated to the bathroom to regroup and when I stepped back on the dance floor I had my groove back and ho'd my booty with any hot guy on the dance floor acting like I was the bees knees. In fact, I couldn't have been further from the bees knees if I tried. Despite being in the mountains and alot cooler than Parma, I was sweating like the proverbial and my hair had totally gone frizzy / curly and I generally looked like death warmed up. We stayed until the end and just as we were about to start the engine to the car, a fellow reveller The Break Dancer, opened the car door and thrust (no, not his large throbbing member) his phone number into my hand. No name, however so he went into the phone as 'Y'.

This is the hike I went on the first day. Spectacular!

The Break Dancer and I went out last night and I had tee'd up with Plan B to go for another frolick if he didn't get back too late from Forte Dei Marmi. Alas! He got back too late (postponed until tonight) and I was still in the centre with The Break Dancer, so NGS (No Go Scenario) there. At the same time that I receieved the sms from Plan B, Davide sms'd asking me what i was doing and that he was also coming into the centre. Abort mission! Worlds colliding! Eventhough we're 'just friends' The Break Dancer was laying it on a bit thick romance wise and frankly, I didn't want any of the fellow punters subjected to his dating prowess, let alone Davide. The Break Dancer wants to take me to Rimini next weekend. The beach and awesome discoteques is going to make it pretty hard to turn down. So I'll have to think about it because he kind of pissed me off last night. But since I don't want to keep you another 5 million hours reading this, I'll leave it.

A little church from the first hike I went on. Weird though because I didn't see a bottle of wine or a cock there. What are you supposed to be worshipping exactly?

Today I'm excited / nervous / having a freak out. But I can't tell you why!! *insert Evil World Domination laugh here and maybe a goat named Satan for morbid*

Later dudes! (See how out of sorts I am? I'm saying ridiculous things like 'later dudes')

Cher xxxx

BTW Just want to apologise to all of my blog pals for not being my usual Blog Whoring self. I'll be around very soon!! Love youse all!

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Oh the excitement! Oh the exhileration! Oh the anticipation!

Well, I know I promised pics and stories from the weekend. Good things come to those that wait, as they say, so just hang in there a bit longer. Okay my little buttercups??

Everything's coming together nicely. Like I mean, I'm as happy as a pig in shit right now! Hoorah!! I haven't booked my flight home as yet, but I'm still checking out things for the good ole' London - NYC - Sydney route home. There are so many things I'm looking forward to! I'll be leaving at the beginning of September which means I'll be backin time for my friend's 40th, my 30th and my friend's 30th. As well as this I'llbe able to catch a few games of the Rugby League. I think my team will be in the grand final and that the Doggies are going to kick some ass! I also hope I haven't just jinxed the darlings!! Not to mention making it back to see another round of the MotoGP at Phillip Island with my fellow MotoGP Mole, Stacey! Yeehaa!

The weather will be getting warmer as the weather gets colder here. And I love a bit of fun in the sun with my gal pals: The Wench and The Little Goer! Showtime peeps, Showtime!

The best thing about it is I don't have to hang around for too much time!! I'm not one for hanging around after a decision has been made. I like to strike while the iron's hot, in more ways than one! *wink wink nudge nudge* For one week in August I'll be having a couple of International Guests, Lee and his lovely wife Jocelyn from Australia and we'll be going around doing who knows what at this stage. Needless to say it will be fun, even if the million degree heat gets a bit too much at times.

Celebrate good times, come on!

That's all for now peeps. Keep on feeling the realness, as am I!

Stay tuned. there may be pics tomorrow..........

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A decision????? Maybe.........

Well, I had pictures here and stories of my weekend, but what do you know? One slip of the finger and it all vanishes! If I didn't have bigger fish to fry I'd actually care. But no I just sit here typing and laughing like that of a crazed woman with no direction in life.

I'll post about the weekend tomorrow with pictures etc because I can't be bothered with trying to re do it all over again now.

But I have made a decision. Well, for now anyway. This mind of mine is currently unstable and I change my mind on a moment to moment basis. For now, I've decided to go back to the Land Down Under. I feel like I want my peeps around me. I'll stay there for about a year, make some decent money, save and then get the working holiday visa for Canada and live close to the border of the grand ole US of A. I did want to move to America, but it's a bit of a bitch to get into without working illegally etc. This way with Canada, no mess, no fuss and I can do work that I want to do. I hope anyway!! hahaha! I have put the feelers out there though and I'm still gathering info.

I was planning on staying an extra year here, but I just feel like I'm wasting my time and money too because in December I have to go back to Aus to change my visa over and then fly back. Pain in the ass and alot of money if I don't really want to be here.

Thoughts fellow bloggers? All opinions and advice will be appreciated. And I don't want you all to say 'If you feel it's the right thing to do......' No! No! No! hahaha. Thanks in advance.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Hi peeps.

Had a good weekend. Actually it was fucking awesome, but that's for another time. Right now I'm trying to make some big decisions. I am torn. And pretty much the only word I'm capable of using right now is FUCK!!

So many options, so many decisions. What to do when the world is literally your oyster??? Retreat? Endure? Venture?

Retreat involves danger. The danger of complacency.
Endure involves wasting time. And I ain't getting any younger.
Venture involves risk. ALOT of risk. Risks I want to take. Ultimately I will venture, it's just a matter of when and how.

I know what the ultimate goal is, but it's just a matter of trying to decide how to get there......... And me being the most indecisive person ever to roam this earth can't figure it out. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! At this point in time The Cherry feels as though she is bent at the waist and copping it up the anus royally.

Dear Powers That Be, please give me some sort of guidance! The mental anguish is fucking killing moi! I feel sick. Like I'm going to throw up from all this shit. And now I'm shaking. Whoa! Greetings anxiety attack!

I leave you with this food for thought. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Good luck to Our Boy!

The Doctor aka Our Boy
I wasn't going to post today but then I thought with the MotoGP race on this weekend I'd better wish Our Boy the very best of luck! I can't wait to see it! Having said that I need each and every one of you, my precious readers, to say a little prayer for The Cherry so that I make it back on time from the mountains on Sunday night! If there's traffic I may not make it. Jin perhaps you could perform some kind of traffic spell for me. Just so we get a clear run all the way through back to the land of the Parmajites. I wasn't going to risk it, but I've decided to go anyway.

Backstage at the MotoGP. I HEART THE DOCTOR!

So I'm back off to the Dolomites this afternoon. I can't wait to see what it's like there in summer. It's supposed to be quite the spectacle. Nice and lush and green! In the mornings I'll take walks and be alone with my thoughts and in the afternoon I'm nuding up and hanging at that spa again! Damn that was good last time! Maybe this time I'll sneak the camera in and take some cock shots, all in the name of the blog! However, if memory serves me there weren't any decent guys there last time...... Maybe I'll give that a miss.

Here's hoping John Hopkins gets on the podium this race!! GO JOHN GO!!

Another reason for going to the mountains is to escape the constant drone of fucking tools and the sight of saggy bitch tits on one of the men using the tools. They all topless and, let me tell you: It's no oil painting!! String beans and saggy bitch tits (much bigger than mine) are tough to take first thing in the morning. At any time of the day actually.

Moi at the beach in my Vale hat

There'll be no untoward beahviour from me this weekend. I'll be keeping it all on the down low this weekend because I'm heading off with The Clan. So I expect everyone else to make up for my lack of lewd conduct by upping the level of you lewd conduct. Do it for Cherry!

Have a fabulous weekend, cherubs!



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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Another Piece of The Cherry

Well, dear readers! What a surprise I have in store for you today! For I have decided to shun all talk of Italia (shock! horror!) and turn my attentions to The Land Down Under. The Kid got me thinking about my parents' house and the lovely setting that it is, so I thought I'd share with you all. They live on 19 acres about an hour and a freaking half from Sydney. Peaceful setting just a fucking long way from The Big Smoke. Hence, when I lived in The Big Smoke it was on rare occasions that I visited them. Tsk! Tsk! What a naughty little daughter I am! But then approximately eight months before I made the decision to spread my wings, by way of an aeroplane, and haul ass overseas, I returned to the nest......Here are some pics of the said nest.
This is the back of the house, which is really kind of the front. Confused? Me too!
This is the front of the house that looks over the Hawkesbury River
A story I remember from when we were moving in there goes a little something like this: My parents let us choose our own colour schemes for our bedrooms after they built it. I went for a kahki (sp?) bicuit kind of colour for the walls with weird shade of (nice!) purple for the cornices (okay sounds kind of feral but really it's not). My parents said that it would look hideous. I just said 'Let's just give it a good old Aussie go, you little Aussie battlers!' and they let me. It's not like I was painting it black and red, for crying out loud! So we painted my room the colours I wanted and lo and behold every single person that came to see the house (you know how peeps have every man and their dog coming around 'to see the new place!' said roughly two octaves higher than that of their normal voice?) commented on the great colour shceme of MY room. HAHAHAHA! I think it's safe to assume that two people, who remain shall remain nameless, namely my parents (I know it doesn't make sense but I didn't name them did I??) were well and truly laughing on the other side of their faces!! (I've never really understood that saying, but it always makes me chuckle. If anyone would care to explain it to moi I'll be very thankful).
Now to the view. I think you'll enjoy this *drum roll please*
This is taken from the same place that I took the second pic of the actual house from. Nice flowers and wildlife and shit. The property goes right down to the river.

Remember the steps from the second pic? Well that railing in the foreground is the same railing. This is the view you would get if you were kicking back, shooting the breeze with your peeps, having a BBQ, morning coffee, five million bottles of wine and so on and so forth.

There's also a big old bath in the bathroom down that end of the house. You know the ones with the legs? Really old skool stuff. Anyway, there's one of those there with a big window, so you can just kick back, relax and enjoy the view all while hoping like hell no one walks past! hahaha! Well the nearest neighbour is 2kms down the road so chances of that happening are non existent.

Stumpy the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Here is a regular visitor to the house along with many other varities of birds, but this one here is the most brazen because he always comes up to the house if Dad hasn't been down to fill up the seed trays (see that white stand there in the background? that's one of them). You can see why Dad named Stumpy because one of his feet is just a stump. He must have been attacked or something. I put these pics in of Stumpy the Cockatoo, not only because he's so gorgeous, but it was also the only way I could manage to get the word 'cock' into the post. Not just a pretty face, am I? hahahaha! There's also a couple of wallabies that hang out in the yard but that's usually at night.

Clearly Stumpy was not happy with the angle I got him at just moments prior and opted for another more sophisticated angle.

Onto the dawgs!! Oh how I love these dogs! Lily, Poppy and Sonny Bill. Clearly, Sonny Bill is mine and clearly it is the tough Alpha Male of this pack of wild beasts! They're toy poodles. They stay in the living room area when everyone goes out, but one day they broke into the next room and ripped the living shit out of some coasters and other things in there! It was hilarious. You just can't get angry with them!

Lily, Poppy & Sonny Bill (not in that order)

They've now got a cousin, Jazzy. My bro and his wife bought a miniature one not so long ago. When they go to get their hair cut they come back with diamontes and bows and other cute little things. Not Sonny Bill though. He's way too butch for that sort of thing! hahaha! Mum, Dad and I took them all to puppy pre school when we first got them to try and regain control of The Castle, but they weren't the best of students. They didn't really listen and, to be honest, we didn't really make them. They're too spoilt.

The tough Sonny Bill

Here we see Sonny Bill with a bone in his mouth. Like me, this is when he is at his happiest.


Proudly presented to you by


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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Just to get you up to speed.

Angelo & Giuseppe: The Cherries On Top

I'll quickly give the low down on these two handsome boys from Napoli. Actually, Giuseppe is definitely the more do-able one of the two. When Angelo (is that right Stacey?) took off his glasses he wasn't all that. Anyway, when we were walking back to catch the bus after the MotoGP many a moon ago these two boys stopped and offered us a lift. Who was I to say no? After all I was sick of walking and they were pretty hot. So they drove us a way took pics of us and I (obviously) took a couple of them because I wanted a memoir of just how hot Giussepe was. When they dropped us off they insisted on getting a group pic of us all and asked a stranger to take the pic. So there was the group shot and then Angelo decided he wanted one of just the two of us. So for the shot he saw it fit to stand behind me and rub his erection in between my buttocks. I was having none of it (eventhough I thought it was quite hilarious!!) , but silently wished it was Giussepe. Anyway, I give this week's Cherry On Top to these two lads. Angelo's only included for trying it on The Cherry and failing miserably. Thanks for the lift and for the cock rub!

Sardinia: Ain't it purdy!?!?!
Onto more pressing issues such as the Italian boys. Basically, as you probably got from the last post I'm totally off Lack of Dignity Davide. Without getting into to each and every sms to and fro, let's just say he's a fucking drama queen! He sent me an sms saying he was 'confused' and he just wanted a simple answer as to what was going on because he felt something had changed. Duh! I just wrote back that I just wanted to be friends and that in the end it would me be the one getting hurt because he had a girlfriend. Then he crapped on about how he knew I had said that, but he still kissed me, and that I have no reason to feel guilty and that I'm a fantastic girl blah blah blah. No shit I don't have any reason to feel guilty!! Fuck you! Oh yeah he also added a very dramatic 'Goobye Australian Beauty' to which I replied that I wasn't suprised that he said 'goodbye' because this was typical behaviour once a girl said she just wanted to be friends. He can go and get fucked as far as I'm concerned. Jerk off. Like as if we can't just be friends and hang out. But no, he has to go and be all dramatic. So I'm hoping they don't rock up to the bar on Friday night for the party because I'll be pissed if he dares. But since he has stalking tendencies it wouldn't surprise me, because Marcello told Allie he'd see us on Friday night. We shall see.

Forte Dei Marmi: A view of the moutains
I was supposed to go out with Dennis last night. I was having one of those days where you wake up, eat something and then just cannot keep your eyes open. So I was forced to sleep practically the whole day!! And then since I wasn't teaching at all last night I just wanted to hang alone and not have to drive into Parma and then have to converse with someone in Italian that I'm not really interested in. So, being the bitch that I am, I cancelled even after having arranged to meet etc. Then being even more of a bitch I didn't answer the phone when he called. Well that mainly comes down to hating speaking on the telephone most of the time and in Italian no less. And this guy talks very fast so it's kinda hard to understand what the hell he's crapping on about. So I said we'd change it to tonight, but I think I'm just going to cancel altogether. I'm just not interested. I think it's because he's too much of a pushover. I don't really know.... Fuck psycho analysing it, though, if I don't like him then there's no point in wasting my time or his. He wants a relationship (a rare Ital that does!). I don't with him. So I guess there's no point in leading the guy on.

Here is a pic of the top my boob fell out of. I had a body double take this shot for me. In reality, my boobs are, like, soooo much bigger than this and I don't have a double chin. Does that sound convincing???

So onto Plan B. Allie has asked the question if I could go there again with Plan B on a casual basis. I'm not so sure. I haven't bothered to call him, sms or anything because I don't want to come across as some sort of Fatal Attraction Freak. If he wants to go for Round 2 then he'll have to initiate it because I can't bothered. Last night, however, I received an sms from him which I thought was really sweet. At the end he wrote 'A great kiss', which is unusual for him because he never writes anything like that. It was just general chit chat about the MotoGP so we'll see if he attempts to tee anything up for this weekend. Like I said though, I'm not going to be pursuing anything. Can't be bothered.

And lastly, a warning to those mofo's with power tools fucking around at 7 in the morning outside of my window: If it happens again I'll come and stick the freaking things up your ass and maybe even whatever it is your working on too. No lube! All I ask is for a bit of peace and quiet when I'm trying to sleep and now that it's 11.15 they have stopped......

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Monday, July 17, 2006

How to Win Friends & Influence People (according to The Cherry)

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and got your cocks out or at least had access to a cock (or several cocks) to get out!

Friday night saw us dolling ourselves up to rock out at the school party. First of all, we met at the bar across the road, where we were met by Davide, Marcello and a bit later by Max. Interesting scenario when Davide arrived. Last week when we met them there, Davide wouldn't come within a five kilometere radius of me because he has a girlfriend. Then this week he strolls up and kisses me on the lips. Wow! What a freaking difference one whole week can make huh?? Who knew?!

Anyway, I knew having Plan B and Davide there was a fatal mistake. Simply because I've had the hots for Plan B even when I was with Mr. W, hence the name Plan B. Andrea, Plan B and I hadn't seen each other for a while so we just hung out, drank, joked, flirted and I think I really only spoke to Davide once. Plan B and I didn't stay very long before leaving to go and frolick in a field until the wee hours of the morn.

Allie said Davide was asking where I was...Whoops! Note to self: Do not invite a date to a party and then leave without saying goodbye to go and frolick with another man.

The next day I really did not expect to hear from Davide after my little performance, but in fact, I did hear from him! I was quite astounded and said to Allie that perhaps he was lacking in the dignity department because he must've known I'd gone off with Plan B. So he sms'd saying he was sorry he left the party without saying goodbye but he couldn't find me. I wrote back that it wasn't a problem. And then he wrote back to me 'But where did you disappear to?' I thought it best just leave that one right alone and didn't respond.

It was a bit later at Soe & Lucio's awesome BBQ that I received more sms's from Davide. Somewhere in between eating delicious food, drinking wine, dancing on the terrace, playing limbo (I was the champion, BTW, despite wearing some kick ass heels) and general frivoility he asked what I was doing that night. I replied that I had eaten and that I was going dancing later, I didn't want to ask him to come along because I wasn't in the mood for the questions etc.

After the BBQ, Allie and I went to find Giorgi, but we couldn't actually locate the place she was at. The directions were so damn good though, so I'm so surprised that we didn't find it. Here's the directions we received:

- after McDonalds
then when asked for clairfication
- after McDonalds on the left
the next
- oh you have to go past the supermarket (which coincidentally was a fair way along)

and so these fabulous directions went on. I asked what the name of the road was but can you believe that no one knew?? Madness. All we could see were a couple of prostitutes waiting for business on the side of the road, so we went to Cortes Dei Sole instead which wasn't very interesting and we decided we probably should have just stayed at the BBQ.

Sunday was a great day for me with Our Boy, Valentino Rossi, coming up trumps in the MotoGP race! What an amazing rider! He started off at 11th and won! Go you good thing! I'm currently planning a weekend to the Czech Republic to see Our Boy in action once again! I'm obsessed! Thank you Stacey for introducing me to this awesome sport!!

After the MotoGP finished I got an sms from Davide. He was asking what I was doing. I said I had just watched The Doctor kick some ass on the track. He then responded with quite a scary sms saying that he had gone to DaDa hoping to find me there. STALKER!!! I said we went to the other place and nothing interesting went down. He responded by saying that DaDa was also not very interesting because I wasn't there. *puke* I just received another one from him asking if I'm free tonight. I don't even know why he's acting like this if he has a freaking girlfriend! Go and fucking harrass the living daylight out of her!!

In other news, I sms'd Mr. W on Saturday (naughty!) to ask if he wanted to watch the MotoGP with moi. Well, guess what? Surprise! Surprise! No response! I ran a few messages past Allie to send to him after still not receiving a response circa four hours later. Pick which one you think is the best:

-I take it that's a no then?
- Clearly, due to your lack of response, you've had both eyes gauged out and therefore no longer have the ability to 'watch' anything.
- Well assface? Is that a yes or a fucking no?

I thought they were all pretty good. hahaha.

I'm supposed to go out with Dennis tomorrow night. Why is it the ones we like aren't into us and the ones we aren't into are into us???? Or live in different country or are just always im-fucking-possible situations?!?!?! I ask you, oh I ask you!

No pics today. Sorry but Blogger had Anally Probing: The Millionth Installment in mind instead.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Midweek Dance Off and Dating

On Wednesday night Giorgi and I hit the town for a spontaneous Hump Day dance off with even the possibility of a hump. We went to the discoteque and prayed to god that the outdoor dancing coupled with humidity didn't make our hair too frizzy. It really is touch and go at times and you never can tell when the frizz will set in. There wasn't too much talent around and we met up with Vito. After the dancing finished we went to Vito's and hung for a bit until his dickhead mate started saying shit to Vito about Giorgina like 'Get her out of here' etc, not knowing that she can speak fluent Ital. Loser! So we left and I got back to my place about 6.00 whereupon I did the unthinkable and *insert drumroll here* sms'd Mr. W before falling asleep.

I woke at about midday and, to my surprise, there was an sms from him. So there were a couple of sms's back and forth. Chitchat. Then I also started getting sms's from Davide asking me out. I said yes to him and we arranged to meet at 11pm. But then Mr. W started asking me what time I was finishing work. I answered 9.30pm. This instantly threw me into a spin almost resulting in a nervous breakdown. Questions running through my mind. If he asks me to do something should I cancel with Davide? Should I just pop over to his place in the window of time that I had available for a quickie? Should I decline?

Then another sms came through from Giorgi. She was with Matteo, who seems hellbent on whoring me out to one of his friends. Since I'm not at all interested in Giorgio another one of his friends, Dennis, (such an Ital name, huh?) was the next in line. Giorgi sent me an sms saying that I was going to meet Dennis for an hour and then I could go and meet Davide. A bit like speed dating. hahaha. So I agreed and then I felt a bit better because that way if Mr. W did ask me to do something that timeslot was now filled! Phew! I needn't have worried though because after I told him that I was finishing at 9.30 he didn't write back. hahaha. Prick. hahaha.

So Giorgi and I met Dennis and went for a drink. He was a really sweet guy and we're all going out for dinner one night next week. Should be fun. He dropped me back off at my car at precisely the time I was supposed to be at my house ready for Davide to pick me up. So I arranged to meet him in the carpark of the school, which was where Dennis was dropping me off. Worlds colliding. I didn't want one seeing the other. hahaha!

Davide and I ended up just going back to his house, which kinda made know exactly what he wanted. And it was exactly what I wasn't going to give him. He was like 'If you don't want to go to my house we can go somewhere else'. I said it was fine to go there, so we did. We drank wine and watched a movie and made out a bit. Running on only six hours sleep I decided it was time to go at 2.30am. Poor Davide had to get up only 2.5 hours after he got home. Whoops!

Tonight is the party night at the school. All the students are invited and Allie and I are taking Davide and his friends too. This morning I got an email from Plan B telling me he was coming. Damn! If I had've known I wouldn't have invited Davide.... Maybe anyway. The one thing I'm not looking forward to tonight is that Red Card Luca will be there. I ran into him on Sunday night. He was like 'Are you going to the party?' I said that I was and asked if he was going. And, indeed my friends, he is! I forewarned Natalia, who has also come before by asking for here phone number in the middle of the class. I said I was lucky because Davide would be there and I'd be hanging with him. She said she's just going to have to write herself off so as to appear very unattractive. Good plan! hahaha! I hope it turns out to be a fun night. If not we're hauling ass to Via Farini or possibly the discoteque.

That's about all I've got for the mo'. Oh except that for some fucking reason my hot water is not working. And eventhough it's a million degrees outside, the freshness of the water is taking my breath away. And this afternoon I have to wash my hair! So fucked. But such is life. I'll pretend I'm in Scandanavia (not Denmark though because that place is one massive yawnfest) and that I have just had a sauna or got out of the hot tub or something.....The power of the mind....

Before I forget I just have to say GOOD LUCK TO OUR BOY*, VALENTINO ROSSI!!! I so hope he wins this weekend!! I can't wait to watch! I'm so excited!! I know he can do it this week!
*Stacey & Cherry's Boy
VIVA #46!!!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!
Love youse! Love youse all!
Peace out!
GYCO: Get Your Cock Out

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Plot Thickens......

The Cherry On Top today goes to this crotch rider I saw backstage at the MotoGP. Oh how I'd love to ride his crotch! He is HAWT!

I've got goss peeps. So listen up! It was all happening on Monday evening. Firstly, I was up at the school minding my own business (not entirely true because every person I saw gave me a bit of gossip from the previous night's festivities), when my phone honked a message. I love it when I get a message because I have it set on to a tone that is pretty much the same as the whistle peeps like to use when referring to sex and don't want to actually say the word. You know when they go 'So did you *insert whistle & eyebrow raise here*???'

A lovely little side of the road prayer thingo in Sardinia.

I digress. Where was I? So I received a meesage from Davide saying 'Are you free tomorrow night?' Interesting question Davide! Are you doing a survey? Did you send the same message to your girlfriend too??? I answered the way any of you would have** (** this statement not based on factual evidence). 'Yes from 9.30pm I am free'. Then he asked if I'd like to go out. I couldn't answer straight away because then I had a class to teach. Way to keep him hanging on!

Anyway, I was in the middle of class and Giorgio called to ask if I was going to Matteo's place. I have no idea why he kept on about going to Matteo's house because Giorgi is seeing Matteo and she knew nothing about it. So I said I was working until 9.30pm and he said 'Let's do it tomorrow night'. Being evil and knowing that I was working until 9.30pm once again and also knowing that I was going out with Davide I said 'Okay'. Another reason I just said okay was to get him off the phone because I was teaching, but my student had urged me to answer the phone.
Again in Sardinia. I love the brilliantly coloured flowers they had all over the island

When I finished the lesson I replied to Davide's message simply saying 'Yes' to his offer to go out. Then, again whilst minding my own business, another message comes through. I was expecting instructions on where to meet etc from Davide.
Imagine my surprise / delight / sudden increase in heart beat when it was none other than Mr. Wonderful!!!!!!! Go on! Just for one second, humour moi and imagine it!

So I'm guessing by this stage you all know I didn't delete the number!! Bend me over and spank for I've been very naughty, haven't I dear reader? Here's how the convo went down with my thought process at the time sending / receiving:

Mr. W: How are you? (*SQUEAL* & *high kick*)

The Cherry: Good! How are you? What are you doing? I just finished work' (Wouldn't mind throwing a leg over if you're up for it. Throw a Cherry a bone, so to speak)

Mr. W: Fine!!! Now I go to sleep yesterday I fall drunk (Shit! Your english is still as woeful as my Italian)

The Cherry: ok! Sweet dreams! See you soon. Kiss! (Testing the waters to see his response)

Mr. W: Tanks kiss! (You still can't spell)

This is for Kid. Taken whilst enduring The Greatest Ass Rape Of All Time in Mugello on the Friday before the MotoGP

So after this little convo, there was nothing else I could do but go over to Allie's house and 'analyse' the whole thing whilst attempting to give myself lung cancer right there and then. During the three hour period we ran through different scenarios that could possibly occur. We also discussed Davide and his friends and inviting them to the school shindig on Friday night. In regards to the Mr. Wonderful situation our analysis was that I simply had to refrain from sending him messages. Which I have thus far. And, frankly, I know for my dignity it's the only way. I don't want to be seen to be chasing him. If he wants me he can come and get moi. In the meantime, plenty more girth in the sea!! (thanks Stacy for that one! If you were here we could draw up a diagram of the situation and stand there for hours analysing it!! hahaha! OMFG!! I could die laughing!!) And on the Giorgio topic, after only a small period of time allocated to him during the analysis, the verdict is I don't like him and I'm not interested. I know he's only after a piece of The Cherry and he didn't kiss too well, and he's not that hot so I'm not too interested in seeing what delights he's got tucked away.

Last night rocked around and I arranged to meet Davide and I received an sms from Giorgio saying to meet him at his house instead of Matteo's. Well, no surprises for guessing what he thought was on the cards. Can't even take me out for a drink or a dinner. Fuck you Giorgio, fuck you! RED CARD!
The clear blue sea in Sardinia

Davide and I went for a drink. At first it was a bit like 'Oh shit! He doesn't speak English (not a word!!!) and I speak Italian really really badly' and I thought we would just be sitting there in silence the whole freaking time. But as it turned out he didn't start smashing his head against a brick wall through frustration whilst I struggled with Italian and we had a lovely time. I asked him if he has a girlfriend why was he out with me. He said he likes me and it's the first time he's ever been sneaking behind a gal's back (a likely story). Apparently, he's been with her for four months. Before we even got to the bar he asked me out for Saturday night. This rules out seeing Mr. W (if he wants to see me that is.....*sigh*) at all this week because Saturday was really my only free night. Another weird thing about him asking me out on the Saturday night is that Saturday night is Couple's Night in Parma, as opposed to Fuck Around Friday (previously referred to as Cheat On Your Partner In Parma Night).

Anyway, we shall see what transpires. I think we all know what I want. But I daren't say it. I think the link speaks volumes......*sigh*

This is the name of the sailing course I didn't actually end up doing in Sardinia. See the last word is quite similar to the English word 'mysery'??? Hmmmm?!?!?!

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Monday, July 10, 2006

It's like they say.....


*insert pic of the victorious Italian soccer team here*
will Blogger never tire of anally probing me????

Sweet victory! Oh, sweet victory!!!

Giorgi and I rocked on to Lino's Bar just off the piazza to watch the game with some guys. It was tense, especially after the Ital's handed that first goal to the French on a platter. But then when it got to the penalty shoot out, the tension went through the roof.

After the match was totally mental! It was such a great atmosphere. People letting off fireworks, driving scooters, flags flying, dancing, jumping, singing. Peeps were even throwing water out of their windows onto the revellers down below! I'd give about 7kgs of my body weight to go back to last night and soak up that atmosphere. Apparently they drained the water out of the fountain. I smell a rat in the form of 'conspiracy'. They must've heard all and sundry were going to get in there and swim some laps and drained that mofo before any fun could be had!!

Enough of that because we all know who won blah, blah, blah. I want to give you the low down on the man scenario. When Giorgi and I were walking (read: struggling in million degree heat, make up melting off, hair going frizzy and wishing we didn't wear such high heels) who should cycle past but none other than Mr. W!!!!!! In fact, this is the first time I have laid eyes on the guy since all that crap went down. When I was with him we once went out for a drink and he saw a gal he had slept with before and he totally ignored her. Didn't even say hello. So I thought this would be the way he would treat The Cherry. I was wrong! He actually said 'Ciao!' and smiled!! Whoa! I nearly died.

Then when we arrived at the bar Matteo (Giorgi's new beau) introduced us to Giorgio. He was pretty hot. The best one there. He took a liking to moi (he's only human after all) but after the match Giorgi and I went to Via Farini to drink and be merry and were going to meet them a bit later back at Giorgi's place. So off we went to the Malve which was going mental. The whole city was just going insane. Then I received an sms from Davide a guy I met last Saturday night at the discoteque. So I meet them, said a quick hello, air kisses all round and then they went off to play on the scooter and we were going to meet them later. Then I get an sms from Davide saying 'Sei bellisima!' (you're beautiful!) hehehe. Then a little while later I got an sms from him again saying he couldn't meet me later because his girlfriend was sniffing around the piazza as well. When we met up with them on Friday night he was being all weird, and then he told me he had a gf. I said that was fine by me because I only wanted to be friends with him. He's not really my type, but he is a nice guy and his friends are cool too.

So then Giorgi goes off to meet Matteo and bring him back to us and I got chatting to a handsome Greek stranger in the meantime. I got his number and we'll probably meet up later this week. He was sms'ing me to go and meet him at the Tapas Bar, but we were already back at G's place at that stage with Giorgio and Matteo. So I kissed Giorgio but I'm not really into him. Nice guy, but no sparks there at all. Plus this whole friends with friends couple thing kinda makes me gag.

Now, hear this! When we were leaving to walk back to Giorgi's place we had to walk through the piazza. Who do I run into for the second time that day except Mr. W!!! Can you believe that shit?!?! I haven't seen him for so long and then twice in one day. So I stopped to chat. In hindsight even if I got the vibe that he didn't want to chat I probably would've stopped just to make him squirm. I'm such a bitch! I love it! Anyway, so I stopped, kisses, how are you's blah blah blah. Then I said to him 'I lost my phone so I don't have your number any more. Squillo (squillo is a subject I will post about at a later stage) me so I've got it.' So he says 'Sure no problem', get out the phone and squillo's immediately. I had to go because the others were waiting, but I gave him a kiss on the lips before I trekked off.

When I lost my phone I actually thought it was a good thing because then I didn't have his number. But now I do and I don't think it's a good thing. Because when I got back to Giorgi's house I rang that mofo!!! 'NOOOOOOOOOOO!' I hear you all scream in unison. But yes I did. There was no answer so I'm just pretending it didn't happen. Deep breaths and self control. Allie asked me today if I would 'revisit' that sitaution on a casual basis. The answer is yes. But really I know the correct answer is no. So I'm going to be strong about this and breathe deeply and visualise other cocks besides his.

Anyway, I think it's for the best to have several on the go at once, plus there is a Certain Someone that I can't get out of my head!! I'm not going to meet the love of my life in this Country of Eternal Bastards & Mental Cases so I've decided to join them at their own game. Fuck them. Fuck them all! Literally! *insert Evil World Domination laugh here*

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Fractured Ears & Lock Jaw With A Crotch On Top

Random crotch shot at the MotoGP, the rest of him ain't too bad either.......

I wrote a whole section on The Commander In Chief of the Spanish Inquisition getting on my tits this morning, and oh how I wish someone had been getting on my tits in the literal sense.......*sigh*......but this was just someone making my Irritable Bitch Syndrome flair up again. Anyway, I deleted it. I'm not wasting this blog on that crap. I decided the above crotch shot was a definite way to cheer myself up! And being the selfless gal that I am I thought I'd share the crotch. Oh, I spoil you so!

View from the beach in Cinquale. The mountains a mere stone's throw from the beach.

So today I was just stuffing around in my apartment when suddenly some freak started 'singing' on a microphone in the piazza. Her song of choice was 'It must've been love, but it's over nooooooow' by Roxette. Rest asssured, if it wasn't over before she started singing whoever she was singing about would've pulled the pin well and truly by the time she'd finished. Wow! Two dying cats would've sounded more musical than her. I'm suprised my ears are still functioning.....

Forte Dei Marmi. View of mountains from the ocean

My jaw is killing me for some reason. It feels as if it would after giving the entire Italian soccer team blow jobs in quick succession *loses train of thought briefly* Lock jaw, I do believe, would be an appropriate description.

This is my fave pic from Sardinia. I sat on a beach on night to have a quiet bevvie and this was the divine view.

Tonight we're hitting up the bar across the road again. The one with the crazy, whistle blowing man where we watched The Match the other night. There's a mexican party on. I dare say he'll be wearing the his sombrero again and will start throwing us around like he did last time, all in the name of salsa dancing.

I had more pics to post but I just can't figure this shit out. You'll have to make do with these ones and wait with baited breath for the rest. In the meantime pray to *insert your god's name here* that Italia come up trumps on Sunday night. We're going to hang with a few guys in a bar near the piazza. It's closer to the fountain and all the action that will be going down. Yeehaaaaaaa!!!!!

FORZA ITALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Admittedly it might make for a funny blog post to watch grown men cry over a game of soccer if they lose. *insert Evil World Domination* laugh here. Yeah, you guessed it I'm totally off these mama's boys that are the Italian 'men'. Not bad to look at, but anything more is just a turn off. For now anyway.....hehehe.

Have a fabulous weekend my little cherubs!


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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

FORZA ITALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swear to God, Allah, Buddah, A Bottle of Red Wine, Cocks, Tits, Ass, whatever you're religious tendencies sway towards, that this World Cup Fever is giving me lung cancer and a poisoned liver.
Yes Totti, I will marry you! GYCO! (Get Your Cock Out)

Last night was so fucking awesome!!! The gal pals and I were going to go into the piazza to watch The Match on the big screen with all the other Parmagedons. But it didn't turn out like that because we ended up just going to a samll bar across the road that had a TV and a few fellow revellers as well as seats to park our asses on. It was the best move ever!! The guy running the shop was totally crazy! Blowing whistles yelling 'Tonight it's a big party!' and generally being hilarious. It was a great atmosphere with lots of alcohol and great food all round.

The alcohol was required to handle the stress as was the five million cigarettes we each smoked. Next time we are just getting the cigarette suppliers to park the truck at the bar. One punter was telling the owner to call the ambulance at one stage, so I think we might get a few of those parked behind the cigarette truck.

When they kicked the first goal everyone jumped up and were hugging each other and dancing around yelling, blowing the whistle, running around with the flag and other such fabulous antics. Then they scored again and it was more of the same, but since it was the end of the match the crazy guy ran and grabbed fireworks and started letting them off in the car park. Then he went and got a bottle of champers and started spraying it everywhere. The dancing started after that with the music pumping and all the cars started driving the streets again honking their horns and flags flying out the windows, cheering and going wild. The main street was totally gridlocked, you couldn't get anywhere.

OMFG! SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!!!!!!

We're going back to the same bar tonight to watch the match and then again on Sunday night to watch THE BIG ONE!!! Apparently, if they win (fingers crossed!!!) on Sunday night Jenny's going in the fountian. I don't think she'll be alone, somehow.

FORZA ITALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**I had more pics to put up but blogger is anally probing me once again! Thank you Blogger!

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Exposing The Cherry

My computer at home is dead. So how I'm able to breathe at this point in time is beyond me because I'm addicted the internet, msn messenger for chatting to a Certain Someone and The Blog and blogs that I read. Sad but true.

I pretty much took Morbid's advice and plyed myself with enough alcohol on the weekend to kill a blue whale. I had been on the wagon for a couple of weeks and then suddenly I fell off it. I also smoked enough cigarettes to almost make one of my lungs collapse. What is it about intoxcating substances that entice me so? In fact, I could do with a glass of the red right now....

So I went to Forte Dei Marmi for a few days last week. There was no eye candy, just lots of families sunning themselves. We had a nice time and I now have a bit more of a tan happening. I have always said that 'Tan does not maketh the person', but this year I'm getting into it. Brown fat is better than white fat.

On Friday night a group of us went to watch the soccer. Approximately 5000 drinks later we left. We found a fabulous shooter on the menu, so after the first one there was no stopping us. Really tragic.

Saturday we watched England go down. A bit of a shame. Becks injured and Rooney red carded for NOTHING!!! There was a vile creature there at the bar who I made the mistake of talking to for a second and after that he wouldn't shut the fuck up. I had to ignore him after that, but I didn't manage to escape without him going in for a bit of a kiss goodbye. Ew! I stepped back and told him to step off. He really was revolting.

Dancing was on the cards on Saturday night. Allie and I whacked on the glad rags and danced up a storm. The club was pretty cool because there was outdoor dancing. Cherry loves outdoor dance offs. For some reason there were alot of fat chicks out which pleased Allie and I no end, because most of these women here in Parma are like emaciated twigs. To quote Emma when she was here 'Yes I remember my last meal. It was in 1996 and I ate half a lettuce leaf.' And apparently the don't eat in front of men. Please! Plan B once told me of his suprise when he met some gals from Reggio Emilia 'that actually ate'. He really was actually suprised.....weird.

Yesterday I hit up a bar to watch the MotoGP and was propositioned by a fellow punter. I was watching the race and he indicated to me to follow him to the bathroom and then stood by the window waiting for me. I shook my head that I wasn't having a bar of him. Especially his bar. He was also quite revolting and the weird thing was that he was with what looked like his boyfriend. Someone's swinging both ways by the looks of it.

I ended up going to eat icecream with another lone punter. We got talking about the race and then went to buy icecream which melted in the million degree heat. After walking me back to my car I accidentally flashed him my boob. I was in a halter neck top, braless and out it came. Whoops! This is not the first time it has happened. In Denmark I was actually talking to a lesbian for quite a while with one of my boobs exposed. She must have been enjoying the view because she didn't tell me!! hahaha!! This guy was nice enough to let me know that my boob was hanging out, though. How sweet of him!

Heading off to France this weekend or the next. Rockin'!
That's all I've got for youse at this stage.
Peace out biatches.

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