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Monday, March 20, 2006

Life's Good

What a weekend party peeps!

Friday night we went to the Irish bar for St Patricks Day. That was fun in a kind of painful way due to the amount of students wanting to speak in English/eavesdrop on our mother tongue conversations to see how much they could understand. One highly alluring (read: possibly the most ugly man earth) man tried to chat up Giorgina much to my delight. I say 'delight' because he was one smooth operator. With lines like 'I've been to America and all the women are fat' (Giorgina is English so I didn't really see the correlation), I don't know why she didn't tear his clothes off and mount him then and there.

After the Irish pub we rocked on to a club called Dada. We met up with some friends of Giorgina's, me kissing on with Vito, a guy with a broken wrist. He called the next night to go to Dada again, but I was already out cold.

For the most part Sunday was a lazy day, but when the sun came out in the afternoon we decided to do the Ital thing and go for an afternoon stroll up to the square. We hit the jackpot because there was some kind of festa happening with food, wine, music and lots of eye candy sniffing around. Allie and I were going up to meet Maritza, but that all turned pear shaped when she called one too many times to find out where were and I lost my cool and yelled 'We're almost there. For fucks sake!' and hung up on her. Needless to say, when we finally made it out the other side of the throngs festa goers she was no longer waiting there for us. Never mind.

Sans Maritza, Allie and I went back to the festa, ate and drank and then headed to a bar where there was a dj playing some cool music. We ended up staying there all night, befriending the camp gay guy and his friend. His friend is straight, hot, has an easy to pronounce name (always a plus), daddy's a millionaire and he took a liking to none other than The Cherry Bomb. I mean, he's only human, right? You can't blame the guy. We all went back to his place after the bar and his friend said to me 'So you will have some sex tonight? Some STRONG sex?'.

I'm seeing Mr. Wonderful again tonight. 'You will heat with me this night?' he asked me this morning. (FYI, Ital's like add the letter h to words like 'eat' and leave it off words where it is actually required) I know if I was playing by 'The Rules' I would have to say no, you know, can't be too available. But since I don't do The Rules said yes I would 'heat with him this night'. I just received an sms from him telling me he was at work and was thinking of me....

Despite the fact that I just threw up due to excessive amounts of alcohol consumed over the weekend, there's a spring in my step, a smile on my face and romance in the air!

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