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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Details of the Ski Trip for Claudia

The ski trip was not at all saucy, as one might have assumed. I went with Pam, Michele, Luciano and the little bubba, Filippo. So with the baby there, obviously there were no wild parties or lewd conduct of any description, much to my chagrin. Plus, I think it was hard to attract any form of amorous attention whilst swishing around in an aquamarine, super puffy, parachute material ski suit created for the 80's. I didn't mind too much though, I just whacked on the Gucci sunglasses and felt like a million bucks! *HAIR FLICK*

As you can see aquamarine is really MY colour! Note how figure hugging ski suit is.

The village we stayed in seriously looked like something you would see in Switzerland (I imagine). Chalet kind of things. Very cool. And the lift up to the mountains was literally a stone's throw from our apartments. Most convenient.

The first day we just went up and checked it out, drank a beer and just hung, Euro Ski Bunny Style. I hate beer but for some reason this sunshiny day in absolutely spectacular scenery called for it.

The second day we hit the slopes. Or at least I did for one hour with the ski instructors. For some reason I could turn on the left side but crashed and burned like a mo' fo' on the right side. The poor instructor. He should have got paid extra for that lesson. I would get about three turns on the right side without a problem and then suddenly would start crashing again. After that I threw in the towel for the day.

The next few days were great also. I was going to have another ski lesson, but when Pam and I got to the mountain the ski instructors weren't there. Pam tried to coax me into to going sans instructor, but I was like 'No chance in hell, sista! I want to live another day to see Mr. Wonderful!'

The last day I spent relaxing in the Turkish Baths. OMFG! They were fabulous. There were all different kinds of steam rooms with different scents chamomile, mint, pine etc. Hot and cold showers, steam showers and of course the spa. There's something liberating about trotting about naked in this kind of environment. I have only done it once before in Sydney, but I'll definitely be going back to this place because it was SOOOOO relaxing!

I was happy to be back in Parma to see my peeps and, of course, Mr. Wonderful! And, yes things are getting serious! He's fabulous!

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