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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Global Whoring Part One

I have decided to write a little series on the boys that have 'come and gone' of late. 'Entered my life', so to speak. Here's the first cab off the rank!

Name: Mauling Budapestian Jail Bird
Location: Budapest
Date: March 2008

This guy was fucking hot! Marcus, Brent and I ren dez vous'd in Budapest and let me tell you the boys were fucking HOT! Nice change from the ugliness that envelopes me the vast majority of times here in London. So I was in the club there and was looking for the bathroom. Unfortunately I mistook a big mirror for the entrance to another room and so was walking into myself and sidestepping to avoid, well, my own reflection!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!?!?! This is not the first time this has happened to me and I wasn't even that trollied at the time, surprisingly! After I realise I was walking into a freaking mirror I turned around to Mauling Budapestian Jail Bird, who wasn't even laughing at my mirror incident and was just generally oozing hotness, and asked where the bathrooms were. He seemed not to understand in a non english speaking, Budapestian kinda fashion. Then i asked if he spoke English, which he didn't so then I asked him IN ENGLISH (wtf?!?!) where the bathrooms were again! Ha! He said to me in English 'Sexy!'(obviously massive Budapestian accent coming through there) I said 'Thanks' and walked off and told Marcus that the hot guy had called me sexy. Then I went back grabbed the boy's arm and dragged him back to dance with us. Nice! Or was it? It was initially, making out and so forth, but the constant mauling that ensued was fucking irritating! Don't get me wrong, I'm all for inappropraite touch ups, groping, hand down the pants dance floor antics but at least let me dance!

One of the Budapestians we had befriended along the way had told MBJB that Marcus and I were siblings because MBJB was getting jealous (blind Freddy could tell Marcus is a gay homosexual!), so when I went to the bathroom MBJB was asking The Marcus if he could take me home and fuck me. Of course, The Marcus was all for it! Turns out he was straight out of jail (what are the chances of ANOTHER Jail Bird, by the way???), which I guess explains the constant mauling, but not the dick pierce......

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