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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Would you like some crotch with that?

Depending on how long you've been reading my blog you may / may not know that if I ever went on a television game show my introduction would go something like this:

'Our next contestant is Cherry. She a part time English teacher who enjoys looking at crotches and talking about cocks.'

Anyway, I thought it was high time I delivered on the lingering promise of crotch shots and ordered Mr Wonderful to strike a pose. I captured his bod coupled with crotch but have left out his face (mainly so I have one more Full Face Friday up my sleeve).

When this crotch hits your eye like a big pizza pie

That's Amore!

The weekend was great. We did quite a bit. Ran in the park, I gave him a massage, he had the boys over for dinner and I cooked dinner at Kiwi Jenny's for the Gal Pals.

On Sunday we went for lunch at the Nonna & Nonno's again. Upon arriving I was quizzed by Nonno as to whether we were having sex every day, when I was going hunting and then asked if I'd like to move into the spare apartment there. Then his Dad rocked in, straddled me and said 'Ciao. Tutto bene?'. Smooth operator! By the end of the lunch his father had asked me to move in with him for two months so he can learn english, and Nonno had slipped some Grappa into my coffee which made it taste like petrol (but I still drank it, in case you're wondering).

Last night I taught the group of eight guys that I teach every Monday night. I didn't feel much like teaching and they didn't feel like learning. The lesson was ssupposed to be on 'Meetings' and when they found out about Mr. Wonderful (one of them asked what I did on the weekend) they wanted to know everything. So we really did speak about 'Meetings' just a different kind. Matteo said the lesson was 'Listening Comprehension'. Fine by me. But I did teach them one verb 'to pick up' (as in at a bar). When I got to the part about having lunch with the family they errupted 'OOOOOOOH!!!!! Renee!!!! You're engaged!' Ha! How come no one told moi?

Stefano is leaving the company so they gave me the invitation for his leaving do on Wednesday night. They are playing a game of soccer and then having dinner. It also says that in between there will be water bombs thrown so the girls must wear white t-shirts. I'm about to send an sms to Matteo saying I'll wear a white t-shirt as long as all the men wear white underpants and I can throw water bombs at their crotches. If they're going to see my 'barely there chest' I'd like to cop an eyeful of crotch!

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