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Monday, June 18, 2007

Interview questions from jin FINALLY get answered!!!

Ages ago jin gave me some interview questions to answer. I did half of it then left it and FINALLY I've finished them. Sorry for taking so damn long jin!!! Here goes:

1. I notice you have a totally new entourage of late. Please don't tell me you have given up on your search for girth?! Does the Cherry not fancy Australian men? What type of man would be your ideal soul mate?

It's not really a new entourage. I've known these guys for about 10 years, well apart from Marcus. But eventhough I've gone back to my fag hagging days (I only gave them up for due to lack of gay peeps I met overseas)let me state here and now that I'll NEVER EVER give up the quest for girth!! I do meet the occassional straight boy out, but I'm not really into Australian guys. They really are the two ends of the spectrumhere in Sydney. Of course, it's a sweeping generalisation, and for those of you reading this that may get your tadgers in a twirl, I will put the disclaimer in that I do assess on a girth by girth basis, but on onehand you'll have a massive bogan loser, and on the other you'll have someone who's got their head shoved so far up their own ass that they should consider giving up the job in margin lending and go into acrobatics.I guess that leads me to my next answer to the question of what my ideal guy would be. It's quite simple: My ideal man would have girth and a heartbeat! hahaha! Psyche! Seriously again, I stress girth by girth basis, but thegeneral features of the unit would be, in no particular order, as follows*:

-has girth and knows how to use it
-good body
-likes sport
-has a fabulous sense of humour
-has a job - any job is fine, I'm not really into the whole 'job = status' thing, just as long as he has a job
-has ambition
-not homophobic

That would be the basic list and if you want me to get really specific as to my 'type' he would be brunette. I realise the girth and good body are superficial, but thin apendages make me ill (and I'm not alone here. I've hadseveral conversations with other people regarding this extremely important matter and they are in agreeance). As far as the good body goes I have to be initially attracted to the person and I happen to like someone who has anice bod. YUM! The homophobic thing is a big one for me. If someone even remotely hinted at being a homophobe I'd never see them again because my friends come first and pretty much all of my friends are gay.

*this list may be added to at whim.

2. Do you miss Italy or are you glad to be back home? Where are you planning on venturing off to next...and when?

I'm not really missing Italy, I'm enjoying hanging with my friends and having fun here. Some Itals and their ways were starting to irritate me in the end. Plus I was kind of getting bored with work there.Next I'm off to live in London. I had initially planned to go to Canada, but London is alot closer to Europe which allows more travel for The Cherry! Yay! I'm leaving at the end of August, flying into London, staying there fora day or so then there are a few of us going to the Amalfi Coast in Italy for about a week and then Rome for a few days then we fly over to Croatia and go to a few islands! hoorah! I've been dying to go to Croatia for years! This time going overseas will be a completely different experience for moi. Mainly because I generally travel alone, but this time theI'll be with friends (aka Team Slut / The Gang Bangers) and I'll also have a few good friends in London, which means I don't have to start from scratch. I don't mind starting from scratch, but it'll be great to have people I've known for a long time around.
After Croatia I'll go back to London and start job hunting and for a week in October I'm going to Germany to see Lee and Joce (my Roman conquering companions). That should be fab because I've never been there.So lots of adventures on the card for Yours Truly! Can't wait!

3. You look marvelous!!! You can't tell me you don't have straight guys hitting on you all the time?! What are the top 3 worst pick-up lines you've heard?

-'You're with the wrong guy' this was from a short, fat, balding man named Lars when I was trashed one night at Arq and was pashing on with another guy. If Lars Had have felt what the other man was rubbing me up with (a very large cock), he would've realised that I certainly was not with the wrong man. Lars also threw in a few 'You've got a great ass' comments too, which always goes down a treat! Not! Well not during the first night meeting anyway.

- 'You are not a model, but *sigh*, I like you'. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Loves it! That was actually from the guy I was seeing in Italy for a few months, so imagine that in a thick Ital accent from a guy that could hardly string two words together in English. Fabulous!

-'Well if you feel like hibernating with me, just let me know' This one was froma guy that works at a depot where I have to go and pick things up for work. He'suber repulsive and that was his response when I told him I'd be going into hibernation one weekend. I laughed a little and maybe even threw up in my mouth.I'm not entirely sure though because it's something I've chosen to block out. Too traumatic.....

4. Describe an absolutely perfect day in the eye of the Cherry.

This one's a difficult one.....but I'll give it a go anyway. The main characters would be Team Slut and our extended family and we'd all be in an exotic location,like a meditteranean island. We'd have a delightful champagne brunch on a kick ass yacht sailing around and being served by hot, near naked guys with limited english speaking ability. After that we'd go to a big dance party (like Toybox) and party (obviously).After that we'd go back to the yacht and have a chilled recovery party, with randomhot guys that we'd pick up at the party.
Hmmmm....that scenario seems to be missing sex. So I guess somewhere along the way I'd have sex with one of the hot straight guys. Who knows where, but it would happen.

5. What do you want to be when you grow up? (heehee....insert EWD laughter here ;-)

One of those people that adjusts the packages on male models in underwear ads.

Now, if I can remember correctly, I had to ask you guys if any of you wanted me to interview you. If so, let me know and I'll send you 5 questions that you'll then need to publish on your blog.

Ciao for now!
The Cherry!

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

That's hot!


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