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Saturday, February 24, 2007

The calm before the storm.....


It's all happening here in Gay Sydney!

Could I be more excited about the impending gay party festivities? Ha! I think not! Mardi Gras is upon us and everyone's tres tres excited! There's waxing, solarium sessions, shopping for outfits and sms'ing to fellow revellers to find out who's doing what parties going on. Oh how I missed this when I was overseas! It's great to be back and fag-hagging!

I, myself, am doing Harbour Party possibly followed by arq although the jury's still out on that one due to some fabulous friends deciding at the 11th hour that they'd be coming to Harbour Party, so we'll see how the night goes. Allow me to outline the fabulousness of Harbour Party (now actually called 'Azure' but I don't think anyone gets into that sort of caper), dear reader. It's held at Mrs Macquarie's Chair with the backdrop being the gorgeous Sydney harbour. The Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, fantastic music and HAWT people dancing to wave-your-hands-in-the-air-gay-anthems outdoors as the sun sets and the city lights start to sparkle! I'm getting goosebumps just thinking of it! I cannot wait! And the best thing: It's tomorrow!! Yay! I hope I can sleep tonight!

I'm abstaining from the actual Mardi Gras party so I'm feeling fresh, alive and fantastic for Toybox at Luna Park and we'll follow it up with DTPM at Tank. Fun times ahead, peeps! Fun times ahead!

So what else has The Cherry! been up to? Everything and nothing really. Here's some highlights:

*I went to a solarium and stayed on the bed for 20 freaking minutes. The effect? Not a fucking thing. So the next day I took myself off to another place and went in the stand up (much preferred to the lay down thing, which is rather feral) for a mere 10 minutes. At first, I said to the fellow that perhaps 15 minutes would be the way forward. 'Let's just see how you go with 10 first' he urged. Right-i-o! So in I go and emerge happy and satisfied with my solarium expereience, unlike the previous day. Alas! The very next day I was experiencing third degree burns to 50% of my body and part of that 50% was not, repeat WAS NOT, my legs which was pretty much what I wanted to fry like a piece of bacon in a frypan due to short shorts being worn to the Harbour Party. Anyway, since I don't peel and always turn brown I think, in essence, it just saved me another trip to the solarium because I had planned to go yesterday. This experience also got me thinking. Can't say what about, but hey, I'm such an enigma that that shouldn't surprise you.....

* I went out to The Shift a couple of weekends ago with The Boys. Sort of a warm up for Mardi Gras. Just to see if we could do it. And let me tell you, along with our international guest the legendary Darrell, we put a fair dent in that weekend. The most fabulous story to come out of that weekend was the fact that I picked up at The Shift. Now, most of you don't know but The Shift is a sea of mostly shirtless gay men and then me and then perhaps one more girl. Some of my gay friends are loathe to go there because they find it too intimidating, but not moi. I LOVE it! However, I digress. I had seen a very hot boy during the night. Olive skin, dark hair, light blue/green eyes and lips to die for. The boy was hot! Naturally, I assumed he was a gay homosexual. A bit later in the night I was dancing and he went by me and then stopped and said hello. We started chatting and it emerged that he was straight and was there for a friend's birthday. We danced, kissed, danced, hung out, chatted and so on and so forth. A bit before the club closed The Boys and I decided to go to the Manacle to continue the partying into the day, so I asked Hot Boy (did I mention that he was moving to Queensland in 2 weeks??? Perfect for a gal that doesn't have 'boyfriend' written on her To Do List!) if he'd care to join us. He did and off we trotted. As we exited the club he got on his mobile and I heard him say 'Where are you?' No big deal. Then he says 'Wait here for a minute' to me. So Peter and I wait there.... and wait...amd wait....while he heads back down the street and starts talking to some people. Eventually he starts heading back up our way with *drum roll please* a girl! Peter was confused asking me 'What's happening here? Is that his girlfriend?????'. I had no idea who the girl was so we just started walking up to the cafe to meet the others. As we walked Hot Boy passed us with said girl, pretending not to have a clue who we were. Peter and I decided that the only thing to do was to run up behind them to eavesdrop on the conversation to try and ascertain if she was his girlfriend or not. Indeed she was. She was nagging the absolute living daylights out of him and continuously said 'But why did you leave me?' Ugh! I dread the day I become like that. Unfortunately for me, that meant no hanky panky (although in daylight Peter and I did decide that he could probably do something to improve his hair. hahaha!). Later that day Peter said 'I can't believe you didn't do hi the cubicle! What do you think they're there for?!?!?' True. But how was supposed to know that his girlfriend was just going to be around the corner when he was just checking to make sure the coast was clear? I mean, I didn't even know he had a girlfriend....Next time, if anyone's looking for me, I'll be in cubicle number 3, okay????

Hang on. This was supposed to be a list of highlights and as you can see above are some long winded, yet (I'm sure you'll agree) gripping stories.

Anyway, must dash!

I'll take some pre party pics and possibly con someone into taking their camera with them so I take pics at the party especially to post right here on this very blog! I'll see how it pans out, my lovelies!

Yours in fabulousness,

The Cherry!

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Like, hi!

I know! I know! It's been an absolute age since I posted. No rest for the wicked and all that.

Firstly, allow me to say RIP Annan Nicole Smith *bows head* and share a bit about how Anna Nicole has touched my life:
I'll always remember fondly the time you visited this great land of Australia and popped down to Bondi beach all decked out in your wetsuit and swimming cap for a surfing lesson. Unfortunately however, you weren't even able to stand on dry land, falling over a couple of times, so you had to give the ocean a very wide berth. That was during the same visit for the MTV awards and when asked if you liked Australian music your reply was quite simple 'To be honest, I'm not Australian, but I am here to learn'. Thanks for keeping it so real Anna Nicole. Peace out.

So now that the tragic part of the post is over let's get back onto more important things, namely, ME!! Actually, the tragic part of the post is not over. If you spy the pic of moi below you will see a small line in between my eyebrows. Looks as if I've been attacked by a minature ninja weilding a minature machete, doesn't it? Well, that's not what happened. What, in fact, happened was that this poor little Cherry fainted! *crowd gasps* Yes, I fell off the bed and smashed my head on the corner of a glass table. I'll allow you to speculate as to whether or not this occured before, during or after a healthy serve of c.o.c.k.

As you all know I like to pass on little lessons learnt by Yours Truly so that my faithful readers do not have to endure such trying circumstances as I have had to. As such, let it be know that one should never give their number to a semi hot lebanese guy in the next car at a set of traffic lights. By all means hand it out to VERY hot guys of any nationality, but never, repeat never, give it out to a semi hot guy. 'Why, Cherry-Kimber, why?' I hear you all cry. Because this is what will happen:

He will call, number withheld, and have a chat, say you sound like a nice gal. Nothing wrong with that. He will then sms you at 5am. Yes, 5am. The sms will say 'Hay. Wat u up2' which will make you sick because of all the spelling mistakes and unwillingness to spell the entire freaking word. You will reply with 'Who's this?' because you don't have his number. He will reply with 'It's **** we met drivin 2day'. You will reply 'Sleeping' and he will then develop an attitude problem and say that now that you know who it is you say 'ur sleepin' and then will follow it up by asking if you want to meet up tomorrow. You will not respond and when he repeatedly calls you and sms's you, you will never respond because now he not only has a chip on his shoulder because, heaven forbid, you were actually sleeping at 5am, he is coming across as all desperate and stupid because he won't get the hint.

Anyway, pop that one into your memory bank and only give your number to VERY hot guys because if they are VERY hot they can be forgiven for being slighty stupid and they wouldn't be all desperate. Although, having said that, alot of guys are, like, *hair flick* totally desperate to get a piece of The Cherry! *tilts head to side*

I leave you with the above image. There's a WHOLE lotta truth right there!

Bye bye lovers!

Peace, love and girth!

Cherry-Kimber! xxx

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