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Monday, June 30, 2008

Fab weekend gone and another on the way!

****This first part was written Monday morning*****

OMG! What a fabulous weekend! I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it and, despite the fact I'm about to fall asleep, I'm shocked I actually made it to work on time since I was coming into the Big Smoke all the way from K-Town rather than my own apartment. I may or may not have left a large Italian member in my wake (hence my amazement at getting in on time ;) Yes, so there is a definite spring in my step, the weather is glorious and it's all sunshine and lollipops from where I'm sitting.

This is one of the cutest pics of when she we first bought her home!!

After work on Friday I had two options. No. Make that three. I could've gone straight home or gone to the annoying, squeaky biatch's engagement drinks. Several issues with this option. She has the most annoying voice bordering on retardation and her parents need to be shot for not putting her into speech therapy as a child. Half the time you can't even understand what the fuck she is saying, which is probably a good thing since everything that comes out of her mouth is to do with work and how the people she works for just see her as 'one of them'. Word up biatch: Get a fucking life. Plus I happen to think engagement drinks are so 80's AND after T-Bird's and my little effort a few weeks ago with work peeps, probably better to just leave the drinking with colleagues on the backburner for a bit. I'm sure there'll be many an opportunity present itself where I can make a complete dick out of myself in front of work dudes. Whoa. I did not mean to dedicate that much of this post to her stupid drinks thing. Whatev's.

And this one was taken about a month ago! Awww!

What I actually ended up doing was going out to K-Town to see A-Boy and my dog! Bless her! She is sooooo adorable!! She even pee'd herself because she was so excited to see me!! Awwww!

*****This part was written Wednesday night*****

So with that weekend feeling well and truly gone and the midweek depression and suicidal tendencies well and truly settled in, tomorrow will be another day! Well until 5pm this afternoon and for yesterday and today i've been a rollercoaster of emotions. But come 5pm I managed to shake it off (still at work until 9pm so it's got nothing to with busting out of work for the day!). The cloud has lifted and so has the perma-scowl that's been etched in my face for the past 2 days.... Praise the lord!

Friday morning the boys and I are off to Madrid for Madrid Pride. There's supposed to be something in the vicinity of 2 million people there! That's alot of gay homosexuals waving their hands in the air like they just don't care! I can feel funness in the pipeline. And maybe even a little bit (make that LARGE!) Spanish hetro cock. Chirizo, if you will (that's spanish right?). I have told the boys that in the name of Global Whoring, Madrid cannot remain untapped. Or maybe that should be I will not remain 'untapped' in Madrid ;)

Global Whoring: Cockering Europe!

Well gotta run party peeps!
Have a fabulous weekend if I don't speak to you before!

Cherry! xxx

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