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Monday, July 03, 2006

Exposing The Cherry

My computer at home is dead. So how I'm able to breathe at this point in time is beyond me because I'm addicted the internet, msn messenger for chatting to a Certain Someone and The Blog and blogs that I read. Sad but true.

I pretty much took Morbid's advice and plyed myself with enough alcohol on the weekend to kill a blue whale. I had been on the wagon for a couple of weeks and then suddenly I fell off it. I also smoked enough cigarettes to almost make one of my lungs collapse. What is it about intoxcating substances that entice me so? In fact, I could do with a glass of the red right now....

So I went to Forte Dei Marmi for a few days last week. There was no eye candy, just lots of families sunning themselves. We had a nice time and I now have a bit more of a tan happening. I have always said that 'Tan does not maketh the person', but this year I'm getting into it. Brown fat is better than white fat.

On Friday night a group of us went to watch the soccer. Approximately 5000 drinks later we left. We found a fabulous shooter on the menu, so after the first one there was no stopping us. Really tragic.

Saturday we watched England go down. A bit of a shame. Becks injured and Rooney red carded for NOTHING!!! There was a vile creature there at the bar who I made the mistake of talking to for a second and after that he wouldn't shut the fuck up. I had to ignore him after that, but I didn't manage to escape without him going in for a bit of a kiss goodbye. Ew! I stepped back and told him to step off. He really was revolting.

Dancing was on the cards on Saturday night. Allie and I whacked on the glad rags and danced up a storm. The club was pretty cool because there was outdoor dancing. Cherry loves outdoor dance offs. For some reason there were alot of fat chicks out which pleased Allie and I no end, because most of these women here in Parma are like emaciated twigs. To quote Emma when she was here 'Yes I remember my last meal. It was in 1996 and I ate half a lettuce leaf.' And apparently the don't eat in front of men. Please! Plan B once told me of his suprise when he met some gals from Reggio Emilia 'that actually ate'. He really was actually suprised.....weird.

Yesterday I hit up a bar to watch the MotoGP and was propositioned by a fellow punter. I was watching the race and he indicated to me to follow him to the bathroom and then stood by the window waiting for me. I shook my head that I wasn't having a bar of him. Especially his bar. He was also quite revolting and the weird thing was that he was with what looked like his boyfriend. Someone's swinging both ways by the looks of it.

I ended up going to eat icecream with another lone punter. We got talking about the race and then went to buy icecream which melted in the million degree heat. After walking me back to my car I accidentally flashed him my boob. I was in a halter neck top, braless and out it came. Whoops! This is not the first time it has happened. In Denmark I was actually talking to a lesbian for quite a while with one of my boobs exposed. She must have been enjoying the view because she didn't tell me!! hahaha!! This guy was nice enough to let me know that my boob was hanging out, though. How sweet of him!

Heading off to France this weekend or the next. Rockin'!
That's all I've got for youse at this stage.
Peace out biatches.

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