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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Just to get you up to speed.

Angelo & Giuseppe: The Cherries On Top

I'll quickly give the low down on these two handsome boys from Napoli. Actually, Giuseppe is definitely the more do-able one of the two. When Angelo (is that right Stacey?) took off his glasses he wasn't all that. Anyway, when we were walking back to catch the bus after the MotoGP many a moon ago these two boys stopped and offered us a lift. Who was I to say no? After all I was sick of walking and they were pretty hot. So they drove us a way took pics of us and I (obviously) took a couple of them because I wanted a memoir of just how hot Giussepe was. When they dropped us off they insisted on getting a group pic of us all and asked a stranger to take the pic. So there was the group shot and then Angelo decided he wanted one of just the two of us. So for the shot he saw it fit to stand behind me and rub his erection in between my buttocks. I was having none of it (eventhough I thought it was quite hilarious!!) , but silently wished it was Giussepe. Anyway, I give this week's Cherry On Top to these two lads. Angelo's only included for trying it on The Cherry and failing miserably. Thanks for the lift and for the cock rub!

Sardinia: Ain't it purdy!?!?!
Onto more pressing issues such as the Italian boys. Basically, as you probably got from the last post I'm totally off Lack of Dignity Davide. Without getting into to each and every sms to and fro, let's just say he's a fucking drama queen! He sent me an sms saying he was 'confused' and he just wanted a simple answer as to what was going on because he felt something had changed. Duh! I just wrote back that I just wanted to be friends and that in the end it would me be the one getting hurt because he had a girlfriend. Then he crapped on about how he knew I had said that, but he still kissed me, and that I have no reason to feel guilty and that I'm a fantastic girl blah blah blah. No shit I don't have any reason to feel guilty!! Fuck you! Oh yeah he also added a very dramatic 'Goobye Australian Beauty' to which I replied that I wasn't suprised that he said 'goodbye' because this was typical behaviour once a girl said she just wanted to be friends. He can go and get fucked as far as I'm concerned. Jerk off. Like as if we can't just be friends and hang out. But no, he has to go and be all dramatic. So I'm hoping they don't rock up to the bar on Friday night for the party because I'll be pissed if he dares. But since he has stalking tendencies it wouldn't surprise me, because Marcello told Allie he'd see us on Friday night. We shall see.

Forte Dei Marmi: A view of the moutains
I was supposed to go out with Dennis last night. I was having one of those days where you wake up, eat something and then just cannot keep your eyes open. So I was forced to sleep practically the whole day!! And then since I wasn't teaching at all last night I just wanted to hang alone and not have to drive into Parma and then have to converse with someone in Italian that I'm not really interested in. So, being the bitch that I am, I cancelled even after having arranged to meet etc. Then being even more of a bitch I didn't answer the phone when he called. Well that mainly comes down to hating speaking on the telephone most of the time and in Italian no less. And this guy talks very fast so it's kinda hard to understand what the hell he's crapping on about. So I said we'd change it to tonight, but I think I'm just going to cancel altogether. I'm just not interested. I think it's because he's too much of a pushover. I don't really know.... Fuck psycho analysing it, though, if I don't like him then there's no point in wasting my time or his. He wants a relationship (a rare Ital that does!). I don't with him. So I guess there's no point in leading the guy on.

Here is a pic of the top my boob fell out of. I had a body double take this shot for me. In reality, my boobs are, like, soooo much bigger than this and I don't have a double chin. Does that sound convincing???

So onto Plan B. Allie has asked the question if I could go there again with Plan B on a casual basis. I'm not so sure. I haven't bothered to call him, sms or anything because I don't want to come across as some sort of Fatal Attraction Freak. If he wants to go for Round 2 then he'll have to initiate it because I can't bothered. Last night, however, I received an sms from him which I thought was really sweet. At the end he wrote 'A great kiss', which is unusual for him because he never writes anything like that. It was just general chit chat about the MotoGP so we'll see if he attempts to tee anything up for this weekend. Like I said though, I'm not going to be pursuing anything. Can't be bothered.

And lastly, a warning to those mofo's with power tools fucking around at 7 in the morning outside of my window: If it happens again I'll come and stick the freaking things up your ass and maybe even whatever it is your working on too. No lube! All I ask is for a bit of peace and quiet when I'm trying to sleep and now that it's 11.15 they have stopped......

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