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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sewing machines and nipple flashing......

Well, well, well......

My friend came to visit me from Thursday of last week until Sunday night. All in all a good weekend and it was great to see Hugh, however it started off badly with me having a brain explosion trying to find a certain shop in a very small town, unsuccessfully for half an hour whilst trying to keep to a tight schedule. There I found myself going round and round the 'ring road' to pick up someone else's children for a bit of after school delight in the form of 'play at our house'. This was then closely followed by a second brain explosion, but by no means lower on the reichter scale, featuring sobs into the phone on the side of the glamorous yet such powerful, emotion filled drama), when I didn't set the satellite navigation and ended up turning off the motorway following the signs to a very small airport that Hugh would not be landing at. Finally I found the correct airport and then found Hugh.

After dining on some wonderful pizza made by Iraqui dentists turned pizza men at the local pizza shop and drinking red wine we did what every normal person does and throw in the Grease DVD before crashing out...........or so we thought!! My personal highlight of the weekend happened when the mother of the house got home from uni claiming that we had overturned the sewing machine and overlocker sitting on a table during the night. Funny how we could do this given that I would have had have trodden on Hugh's head to get out of bed. Silly cow. I told Hugh I knew she didn't believe us and it was later at dinner I was proven correct when she brought it up again. She really is a unique being. Why I would push over her sewing machine, then deny will go down as one of the great mysteries of all time.

On Saturday we went into the big smoke of the Hagen of Copen, the hustle and bustle, the sheer excitement of it all! We went walking around after checking into the hotel and went on a canal tour. The weather was great, but as soon as we got on the boat a massive cloud which was pretty much the only one in the sky, decided to steal the sun and turn us to ice, only returning the sun when we were cosily seated at a canal-side restaurant with an outdoor heater melting our skin. We nearly knocked down a couple of grannies whilst rushing to feel a pice of sun on our frozen feet (reminds of a time at Surry Hills Coles when I nearly did the same thing to check out a hot guy with Mama).

Anyway, dinner was great that being food was fab and the staff were hot. The them of this weekend was set as DK YP (Denmark Yes Please) and we were close to going and getting a tatto done saying exactly that. There were basically three missions for the night: Meet Rob's brother at Ideal Bar, give information to Rob's friend at Heaven and meet the staff of the restaurant at Aura Bar. So we did all three and went to Pan afterwards. Ideal Bar and Pan reminded me of an old club I used to go to back in the day. None other than Samantha's in richmond. Surprisingly, this hot establishment decked oout with more wood than a steak house franchise is no longer in business, but I think the owners have hit the big time here in DK. Pan has apparently been the same for years because it's an institution there is no need to refurbish because people will always go there. I don't know what the deal with Ideal Bar is but if struck up a match I'm quite sure the place could burn down.

All in all, it was great seeing Hugh but the full effect of the full moon never really kicked in, apart from when I flashed my nipple to the lesbian we were talking to at Heaven accidentally.

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Monday, September 12, 2005


Hi! I'm an Australian living in Denmark working as an au pair. I have decided to start this blog so I don't have to email every Tom, Dick & Harry the same thing over and over (the cut and paste function has been getting a workout). How long this lasts for, only time will tell. It really depends on if I get bored of it, my life here turns out to be so boring that I never have anything or if I get 'bloggers block'.

The family I am living with has a whopping five, yes five, children. Sometimes I wonder why I have put myself in this situation......Five children to look after, a big 200 year old house to clean and no Danish ability whatsoever. I am slowly learning some though, thanks to the little ones. Reading and writing it will prove to be much more difficult than speaking it. It's a strange language with a few extra letters thrown into the alphabet mix, silent letters here there and everywhered (that was a silent 'd' on the end there for extra effect and a touch of Danish style) and, this is my favourite, d's that are pronounced as an 'l'. Let me give you an example: the word 'what' in Danish is 'vad'. But it is not pronounced 'vad' it is pronounced 'vel'. Who'd have thought?!?! This is no language for the faint hearted, but I am up for the challenge!

Stay tuned to hear about the adventures of this little Aussie battler as she attempts to keep it real in a viking inspired fashion................

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