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Friday, July 21, 2006

Good luck to Our Boy!

The Doctor aka Our Boy
I wasn't going to post today but then I thought with the MotoGP race on this weekend I'd better wish Our Boy the very best of luck! I can't wait to see it! Having said that I need each and every one of you, my precious readers, to say a little prayer for The Cherry so that I make it back on time from the mountains on Sunday night! If there's traffic I may not make it. Jin perhaps you could perform some kind of traffic spell for me. Just so we get a clear run all the way through back to the land of the Parmajites. I wasn't going to risk it, but I've decided to go anyway.

Backstage at the MotoGP. I HEART THE DOCTOR!

So I'm back off to the Dolomites this afternoon. I can't wait to see what it's like there in summer. It's supposed to be quite the spectacle. Nice and lush and green! In the mornings I'll take walks and be alone with my thoughts and in the afternoon I'm nuding up and hanging at that spa again! Damn that was good last time! Maybe this time I'll sneak the camera in and take some cock shots, all in the name of the blog! However, if memory serves me there weren't any decent guys there last time...... Maybe I'll give that a miss.

Here's hoping John Hopkins gets on the podium this race!! GO JOHN GO!!

Another reason for going to the mountains is to escape the constant drone of fucking tools and the sight of saggy bitch tits on one of the men using the tools. They all topless and, let me tell you: It's no oil painting!! String beans and saggy bitch tits (much bigger than mine) are tough to take first thing in the morning. At any time of the day actually.

Moi at the beach in my Vale hat

There'll be no untoward beahviour from me this weekend. I'll be keeping it all on the down low this weekend because I'm heading off with The Clan. So I expect everyone else to make up for my lack of lewd conduct by upping the level of you lewd conduct. Do it for Cherry!

Have a fabulous weekend, cherubs!



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