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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Good Times & Happy Days Recipe

Good Times & Happy Days
Serves 1
Best served in a 'People Free Zone', preferably the comfort of your own home.


1. Music pumping out some FUNKED UP, PHAT beats
2. TV on sports channel
3. Every window open
4. Warm breeze floating on through (don't be tempted to add air conditioning the warm breeze achieves much better results)
5. Random dance off sessions with yo' bad ass self.
6. Random singing at heartfelt tunes
7. A MotoGP race (on the TV)
8. Sunbaking on the balcony
9. Occasional ass scratch


The method is really quite simple: mix it all up adding only what you like, when you like.
Add clothing to taste.


**I'll be back down at Forte Dei Marmi over the next couple of days, making like a beached whale & sunning myself on the beach. Don't miss me too much, sweeties!

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