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Monday, July 17, 2006

How to Win Friends & Influence People (according to The Cherry)

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and got your cocks out or at least had access to a cock (or several cocks) to get out!

Friday night saw us dolling ourselves up to rock out at the school party. First of all, we met at the bar across the road, where we were met by Davide, Marcello and a bit later by Max. Interesting scenario when Davide arrived. Last week when we met them there, Davide wouldn't come within a five kilometere radius of me because he has a girlfriend. Then this week he strolls up and kisses me on the lips. Wow! What a freaking difference one whole week can make huh?? Who knew?!

Anyway, I knew having Plan B and Davide there was a fatal mistake. Simply because I've had the hots for Plan B even when I was with Mr. W, hence the name Plan B. Andrea, Plan B and I hadn't seen each other for a while so we just hung out, drank, joked, flirted and I think I really only spoke to Davide once. Plan B and I didn't stay very long before leaving to go and frolick in a field until the wee hours of the morn.

Allie said Davide was asking where I was...Whoops! Note to self: Do not invite a date to a party and then leave without saying goodbye to go and frolick with another man.

The next day I really did not expect to hear from Davide after my little performance, but in fact, I did hear from him! I was quite astounded and said to Allie that perhaps he was lacking in the dignity department because he must've known I'd gone off with Plan B. So he sms'd saying he was sorry he left the party without saying goodbye but he couldn't find me. I wrote back that it wasn't a problem. And then he wrote back to me 'But where did you disappear to?' I thought it best just leave that one right alone and didn't respond.

It was a bit later at Soe & Lucio's awesome BBQ that I received more sms's from Davide. Somewhere in between eating delicious food, drinking wine, dancing on the terrace, playing limbo (I was the champion, BTW, despite wearing some kick ass heels) and general frivoility he asked what I was doing that night. I replied that I had eaten and that I was going dancing later, I didn't want to ask him to come along because I wasn't in the mood for the questions etc.

After the BBQ, Allie and I went to find Giorgi, but we couldn't actually locate the place she was at. The directions were so damn good though, so I'm so surprised that we didn't find it. Here's the directions we received:

- after McDonalds
then when asked for clairfication
- after McDonalds on the left
the next
- oh you have to go past the supermarket (which coincidentally was a fair way along)

and so these fabulous directions went on. I asked what the name of the road was but can you believe that no one knew?? Madness. All we could see were a couple of prostitutes waiting for business on the side of the road, so we went to Cortes Dei Sole instead which wasn't very interesting and we decided we probably should have just stayed at the BBQ.

Sunday was a great day for me with Our Boy, Valentino Rossi, coming up trumps in the MotoGP race! What an amazing rider! He started off at 11th and won! Go you good thing! I'm currently planning a weekend to the Czech Republic to see Our Boy in action once again! I'm obsessed! Thank you Stacey for introducing me to this awesome sport!!

After the MotoGP finished I got an sms from Davide. He was asking what I was doing. I said I had just watched The Doctor kick some ass on the track. He then responded with quite a scary sms saying that he had gone to DaDa hoping to find me there. STALKER!!! I said we went to the other place and nothing interesting went down. He responded by saying that DaDa was also not very interesting because I wasn't there. *puke* I just received another one from him asking if I'm free tonight. I don't even know why he's acting like this if he has a freaking girlfriend! Go and fucking harrass the living daylight out of her!!

In other news, I sms'd Mr. W on Saturday (naughty!) to ask if he wanted to watch the MotoGP with moi. Well, guess what? Surprise! Surprise! No response! I ran a few messages past Allie to send to him after still not receiving a response circa four hours later. Pick which one you think is the best:

-I take it that's a no then?
- Clearly, due to your lack of response, you've had both eyes gauged out and therefore no longer have the ability to 'watch' anything.
- Well assface? Is that a yes or a fucking no?

I thought they were all pretty good. hahaha.

I'm supposed to go out with Dennis tomorrow night. Why is it the ones we like aren't into us and the ones we aren't into are into us???? Or live in different country or are just always im-fucking-possible situations?!?!?! I ask you, oh I ask you!

No pics today. Sorry but Blogger had Anally Probing: The Millionth Installment in mind instead.

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