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Friday, July 14, 2006

Midweek Dance Off and Dating

On Wednesday night Giorgi and I hit the town for a spontaneous Hump Day dance off with even the possibility of a hump. We went to the discoteque and prayed to god that the outdoor dancing coupled with humidity didn't make our hair too frizzy. It really is touch and go at times and you never can tell when the frizz will set in. There wasn't too much talent around and we met up with Vito. After the dancing finished we went to Vito's and hung for a bit until his dickhead mate started saying shit to Vito about Giorgina like 'Get her out of here' etc, not knowing that she can speak fluent Ital. Loser! So we left and I got back to my place about 6.00 whereupon I did the unthinkable and *insert drumroll here* sms'd Mr. W before falling asleep.

I woke at about midday and, to my surprise, there was an sms from him. So there were a couple of sms's back and forth. Chitchat. Then I also started getting sms's from Davide asking me out. I said yes to him and we arranged to meet at 11pm. But then Mr. W started asking me what time I was finishing work. I answered 9.30pm. This instantly threw me into a spin almost resulting in a nervous breakdown. Questions running through my mind. If he asks me to do something should I cancel with Davide? Should I just pop over to his place in the window of time that I had available for a quickie? Should I decline?

Then another sms came through from Giorgi. She was with Matteo, who seems hellbent on whoring me out to one of his friends. Since I'm not at all interested in Giorgio another one of his friends, Dennis, (such an Ital name, huh?) was the next in line. Giorgi sent me an sms saying that I was going to meet Dennis for an hour and then I could go and meet Davide. A bit like speed dating. hahaha. So I agreed and then I felt a bit better because that way if Mr. W did ask me to do something that timeslot was now filled! Phew! I needn't have worried though because after I told him that I was finishing at 9.30 he didn't write back. hahaha. Prick. hahaha.

So Giorgi and I met Dennis and went for a drink. He was a really sweet guy and we're all going out for dinner one night next week. Should be fun. He dropped me back off at my car at precisely the time I was supposed to be at my house ready for Davide to pick me up. So I arranged to meet him in the carpark of the school, which was where Dennis was dropping me off. Worlds colliding. I didn't want one seeing the other. hahaha!

Davide and I ended up just going back to his house, which kinda made know exactly what he wanted. And it was exactly what I wasn't going to give him. He was like 'If you don't want to go to my house we can go somewhere else'. I said it was fine to go there, so we did. We drank wine and watched a movie and made out a bit. Running on only six hours sleep I decided it was time to go at 2.30am. Poor Davide had to get up only 2.5 hours after he got home. Whoops!

Tonight is the party night at the school. All the students are invited and Allie and I are taking Davide and his friends too. This morning I got an email from Plan B telling me he was coming. Damn! If I had've known I wouldn't have invited Davide.... Maybe anyway. The one thing I'm not looking forward to tonight is that Red Card Luca will be there. I ran into him on Sunday night. He was like 'Are you going to the party?' I said that I was and asked if he was going. And, indeed my friends, he is! I forewarned Natalia, who has also come before by asking for here phone number in the middle of the class. I said I was lucky because Davide would be there and I'd be hanging with him. She said she's just going to have to write herself off so as to appear very unattractive. Good plan! hahaha! I hope it turns out to be a fun night. If not we're hauling ass to Via Farini or possibly the discoteque.

That's about all I've got for the mo'. Oh except that for some fucking reason my hot water is not working. And eventhough it's a million degrees outside, the freshness of the water is taking my breath away. And this afternoon I have to wash my hair! So fucked. But such is life. I'll pretend I'm in Scandanavia (not Denmark though because that place is one massive yawnfest) and that I have just had a sauna or got out of the hot tub or something.....The power of the mind....

Before I forget I just have to say GOOD LUCK TO OUR BOY*, VALENTINO ROSSI!!! I so hope he wins this weekend!! I can't wait to watch! I'm so excited!! I know he can do it this week!
*Stacey & Cherry's Boy
VIVA #46!!!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!
Love youse! Love youse all!
Peace out!
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