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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

FORZA ITALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swear to God, Allah, Buddah, A Bottle of Red Wine, Cocks, Tits, Ass, whatever you're religious tendencies sway towards, that this World Cup Fever is giving me lung cancer and a poisoned liver.
Yes Totti, I will marry you! GYCO! (Get Your Cock Out)

Last night was so fucking awesome!!! The gal pals and I were going to go into the piazza to watch The Match on the big screen with all the other Parmagedons. But it didn't turn out like that because we ended up just going to a samll bar across the road that had a TV and a few fellow revellers as well as seats to park our asses on. It was the best move ever!! The guy running the shop was totally crazy! Blowing whistles yelling 'Tonight it's a big party!' and generally being hilarious. It was a great atmosphere with lots of alcohol and great food all round.

The alcohol was required to handle the stress as was the five million cigarettes we each smoked. Next time we are just getting the cigarette suppliers to park the truck at the bar. One punter was telling the owner to call the ambulance at one stage, so I think we might get a few of those parked behind the cigarette truck.

When they kicked the first goal everyone jumped up and were hugging each other and dancing around yelling, blowing the whistle, running around with the flag and other such fabulous antics. Then they scored again and it was more of the same, but since it was the end of the match the crazy guy ran and grabbed fireworks and started letting them off in the car park. Then he went and got a bottle of champers and started spraying it everywhere. The dancing started after that with the music pumping and all the cars started driving the streets again honking their horns and flags flying out the windows, cheering and going wild. The main street was totally gridlocked, you couldn't get anywhere.

OMFG! SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!!!!!!

We're going back to the same bar tonight to watch the match and then again on Sunday night to watch THE BIG ONE!!! Apparently, if they win (fingers crossed!!!) on Sunday night Jenny's going in the fountian. I don't think she'll be alone, somehow.

FORZA ITALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**I had more pics to put up but blogger is anally probing me once again! Thank you Blogger!

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