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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Another Piece of The Cherry

Well, dear readers! What a surprise I have in store for you today! For I have decided to shun all talk of Italia (shock! horror!) and turn my attentions to The Land Down Under. The Kid got me thinking about my parents' house and the lovely setting that it is, so I thought I'd share with you all. They live on 19 acres about an hour and a freaking half from Sydney. Peaceful setting just a fucking long way from The Big Smoke. Hence, when I lived in The Big Smoke it was on rare occasions that I visited them. Tsk! Tsk! What a naughty little daughter I am! But then approximately eight months before I made the decision to spread my wings, by way of an aeroplane, and haul ass overseas, I returned to the nest......Here are some pics of the said nest.
This is the back of the house, which is really kind of the front. Confused? Me too!
This is the front of the house that looks over the Hawkesbury River
A story I remember from when we were moving in there goes a little something like this: My parents let us choose our own colour schemes for our bedrooms after they built it. I went for a kahki (sp?) bicuit kind of colour for the walls with weird shade of (nice!) purple for the cornices (okay sounds kind of feral but really it's not). My parents said that it would look hideous. I just said 'Let's just give it a good old Aussie go, you little Aussie battlers!' and they let me. It's not like I was painting it black and red, for crying out loud! So we painted my room the colours I wanted and lo and behold every single person that came to see the house (you know how peeps have every man and their dog coming around 'to see the new place!' said roughly two octaves higher than that of their normal voice?) commented on the great colour shceme of MY room. HAHAHAHA! I think it's safe to assume that two people, who remain shall remain nameless, namely my parents (I know it doesn't make sense but I didn't name them did I??) were well and truly laughing on the other side of their faces!! (I've never really understood that saying, but it always makes me chuckle. If anyone would care to explain it to moi I'll be very thankful).
Now to the view. I think you'll enjoy this *drum roll please*
This is taken from the same place that I took the second pic of the actual house from. Nice flowers and wildlife and shit. The property goes right down to the river.

Remember the steps from the second pic? Well that railing in the foreground is the same railing. This is the view you would get if you were kicking back, shooting the breeze with your peeps, having a BBQ, morning coffee, five million bottles of wine and so on and so forth.

There's also a big old bath in the bathroom down that end of the house. You know the ones with the legs? Really old skool stuff. Anyway, there's one of those there with a big window, so you can just kick back, relax and enjoy the view all while hoping like hell no one walks past! hahaha! Well the nearest neighbour is 2kms down the road so chances of that happening are non existent.

Stumpy the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Here is a regular visitor to the house along with many other varities of birds, but this one here is the most brazen because he always comes up to the house if Dad hasn't been down to fill up the seed trays (see that white stand there in the background? that's one of them). You can see why Dad named Stumpy because one of his feet is just a stump. He must have been attacked or something. I put these pics in of Stumpy the Cockatoo, not only because he's so gorgeous, but it was also the only way I could manage to get the word 'cock' into the post. Not just a pretty face, am I? hahahaha! There's also a couple of wallabies that hang out in the yard but that's usually at night.

Clearly Stumpy was not happy with the angle I got him at just moments prior and opted for another more sophisticated angle.

Onto the dawgs!! Oh how I love these dogs! Lily, Poppy and Sonny Bill. Clearly, Sonny Bill is mine and clearly it is the tough Alpha Male of this pack of wild beasts! They're toy poodles. They stay in the living room area when everyone goes out, but one day they broke into the next room and ripped the living shit out of some coasters and other things in there! It was hilarious. You just can't get angry with them!

Lily, Poppy & Sonny Bill (not in that order)

They've now got a cousin, Jazzy. My bro and his wife bought a miniature one not so long ago. When they go to get their hair cut they come back with diamontes and bows and other cute little things. Not Sonny Bill though. He's way too butch for that sort of thing! hahaha! Mum, Dad and I took them all to puppy pre school when we first got them to try and regain control of The Castle, but they weren't the best of students. They didn't really listen and, to be honest, we didn't really make them. They're too spoilt.

The tough Sonny Bill

Here we see Sonny Bill with a bone in his mouth. Like me, this is when he is at his happiest.


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