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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Plot Thickens......

The Cherry On Top today goes to this crotch rider I saw backstage at the MotoGP. Oh how I'd love to ride his crotch! He is HAWT!

I've got goss peeps. So listen up! It was all happening on Monday evening. Firstly, I was up at the school minding my own business (not entirely true because every person I saw gave me a bit of gossip from the previous night's festivities), when my phone honked a message. I love it when I get a message because I have it set on to a tone that is pretty much the same as the whistle peeps like to use when referring to sex and don't want to actually say the word. You know when they go 'So did you *insert whistle & eyebrow raise here*???'

A lovely little side of the road prayer thingo in Sardinia.

I digress. Where was I? So I received a meesage from Davide saying 'Are you free tomorrow night?' Interesting question Davide! Are you doing a survey? Did you send the same message to your girlfriend too??? I answered the way any of you would have** (** this statement not based on factual evidence). 'Yes from 9.30pm I am free'. Then he asked if I'd like to go out. I couldn't answer straight away because then I had a class to teach. Way to keep him hanging on!

Anyway, I was in the middle of class and Giorgio called to ask if I was going to Matteo's place. I have no idea why he kept on about going to Matteo's house because Giorgi is seeing Matteo and she knew nothing about it. So I said I was working until 9.30pm and he said 'Let's do it tomorrow night'. Being evil and knowing that I was working until 9.30pm once again and also knowing that I was going out with Davide I said 'Okay'. Another reason I just said okay was to get him off the phone because I was teaching, but my student had urged me to answer the phone.
Again in Sardinia. I love the brilliantly coloured flowers they had all over the island

When I finished the lesson I replied to Davide's message simply saying 'Yes' to his offer to go out. Then, again whilst minding my own business, another message comes through. I was expecting instructions on where to meet etc from Davide.
Imagine my surprise / delight / sudden increase in heart beat when it was none other than Mr. Wonderful!!!!!!! Go on! Just for one second, humour moi and imagine it!

So I'm guessing by this stage you all know I didn't delete the number!! Bend me over and spank for I've been very naughty, haven't I dear reader? Here's how the convo went down with my thought process at the time sending / receiving:

Mr. W: How are you? (*SQUEAL* & *high kick*)

The Cherry: Good! How are you? What are you doing? I just finished work' (Wouldn't mind throwing a leg over if you're up for it. Throw a Cherry a bone, so to speak)

Mr. W: Fine!!! Now I go to sleep yesterday I fall drunk (Shit! Your english is still as woeful as my Italian)

The Cherry: ok! Sweet dreams! See you soon. Kiss! (Testing the waters to see his response)

Mr. W: Tanks kiss! (You still can't spell)

This is for Kid. Taken whilst enduring The Greatest Ass Rape Of All Time in Mugello on the Friday before the MotoGP

So after this little convo, there was nothing else I could do but go over to Allie's house and 'analyse' the whole thing whilst attempting to give myself lung cancer right there and then. During the three hour period we ran through different scenarios that could possibly occur. We also discussed Davide and his friends and inviting them to the school shindig on Friday night. In regards to the Mr. Wonderful situation our analysis was that I simply had to refrain from sending him messages. Which I have thus far. And, frankly, I know for my dignity it's the only way. I don't want to be seen to be chasing him. If he wants me he can come and get moi. In the meantime, plenty more girth in the sea!! (thanks Stacy for that one! If you were here we could draw up a diagram of the situation and stand there for hours analysing it!! hahaha! OMFG!! I could die laughing!!) And on the Giorgio topic, after only a small period of time allocated to him during the analysis, the verdict is I don't like him and I'm not interested. I know he's only after a piece of The Cherry and he didn't kiss too well, and he's not that hot so I'm not too interested in seeing what delights he's got tucked away.

Last night rocked around and I arranged to meet Davide and I received an sms from Giorgio saying to meet him at his house instead of Matteo's. Well, no surprises for guessing what he thought was on the cards. Can't even take me out for a drink or a dinner. Fuck you Giorgio, fuck you! RED CARD!
The clear blue sea in Sardinia

Davide and I went for a drink. At first it was a bit like 'Oh shit! He doesn't speak English (not a word!!!) and I speak Italian really really badly' and I thought we would just be sitting there in silence the whole freaking time. But as it turned out he didn't start smashing his head against a brick wall through frustration whilst I struggled with Italian and we had a lovely time. I asked him if he has a girlfriend why was he out with me. He said he likes me and it's the first time he's ever been sneaking behind a gal's back (a likely story). Apparently, he's been with her for four months. Before we even got to the bar he asked me out for Saturday night. This rules out seeing Mr. W (if he wants to see me that is.....*sigh*) at all this week because Saturday was really my only free night. Another weird thing about him asking me out on the Saturday night is that Saturday night is Couple's Night in Parma, as opposed to Fuck Around Friday (previously referred to as Cheat On Your Partner In Parma Night).

Anyway, we shall see what transpires. I think we all know what I want. But I daren't say it. I think the link speaks volumes......*sigh*

This is the name of the sailing course I didn't actually end up doing in Sardinia. See the last word is quite similar to the English word 'mysery'??? Hmmmm?!?!?!

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