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Monday, July 10, 2006

It's like they say.....


*insert pic of the victorious Italian soccer team here*
will Blogger never tire of anally probing me????

Sweet victory! Oh, sweet victory!!!

Giorgi and I rocked on to Lino's Bar just off the piazza to watch the game with some guys. It was tense, especially after the Ital's handed that first goal to the French on a platter. But then when it got to the penalty shoot out, the tension went through the roof.

After the match was totally mental! It was such a great atmosphere. People letting off fireworks, driving scooters, flags flying, dancing, jumping, singing. Peeps were even throwing water out of their windows onto the revellers down below! I'd give about 7kgs of my body weight to go back to last night and soak up that atmosphere. Apparently they drained the water out of the fountain. I smell a rat in the form of 'conspiracy'. They must've heard all and sundry were going to get in there and swim some laps and drained that mofo before any fun could be had!!

Enough of that because we all know who won blah, blah, blah. I want to give you the low down on the man scenario. When Giorgi and I were walking (read: struggling in million degree heat, make up melting off, hair going frizzy and wishing we didn't wear such high heels) who should cycle past but none other than Mr. W!!!!!! In fact, this is the first time I have laid eyes on the guy since all that crap went down. When I was with him we once went out for a drink and he saw a gal he had slept with before and he totally ignored her. Didn't even say hello. So I thought this would be the way he would treat The Cherry. I was wrong! He actually said 'Ciao!' and smiled!! Whoa! I nearly died.

Then when we arrived at the bar Matteo (Giorgi's new beau) introduced us to Giorgio. He was pretty hot. The best one there. He took a liking to moi (he's only human after all) but after the match Giorgi and I went to Via Farini to drink and be merry and were going to meet them a bit later back at Giorgi's place. So off we went to the Malve which was going mental. The whole city was just going insane. Then I received an sms from Davide a guy I met last Saturday night at the discoteque. So I meet them, said a quick hello, air kisses all round and then they went off to play on the scooter and we were going to meet them later. Then I get an sms from Davide saying 'Sei bellisima!' (you're beautiful!) hehehe. Then a little while later I got an sms from him again saying he couldn't meet me later because his girlfriend was sniffing around the piazza as well. When we met up with them on Friday night he was being all weird, and then he told me he had a gf. I said that was fine by me because I only wanted to be friends with him. He's not really my type, but he is a nice guy and his friends are cool too.

So then Giorgi goes off to meet Matteo and bring him back to us and I got chatting to a handsome Greek stranger in the meantime. I got his number and we'll probably meet up later this week. He was sms'ing me to go and meet him at the Tapas Bar, but we were already back at G's place at that stage with Giorgio and Matteo. So I kissed Giorgio but I'm not really into him. Nice guy, but no sparks there at all. Plus this whole friends with friends couple thing kinda makes me gag.

Now, hear this! When we were leaving to walk back to Giorgi's place we had to walk through the piazza. Who do I run into for the second time that day except Mr. W!!! Can you believe that shit?!?! I haven't seen him for so long and then twice in one day. So I stopped to chat. In hindsight even if I got the vibe that he didn't want to chat I probably would've stopped just to make him squirm. I'm such a bitch! I love it! Anyway, so I stopped, kisses, how are you's blah blah blah. Then I said to him 'I lost my phone so I don't have your number any more. Squillo (squillo is a subject I will post about at a later stage) me so I've got it.' So he says 'Sure no problem', get out the phone and squillo's immediately. I had to go because the others were waiting, but I gave him a kiss on the lips before I trekked off.

When I lost my phone I actually thought it was a good thing because then I didn't have his number. But now I do and I don't think it's a good thing. Because when I got back to Giorgi's house I rang that mofo!!! 'NOOOOOOOOOOO!' I hear you all scream in unison. But yes I did. There was no answer so I'm just pretending it didn't happen. Deep breaths and self control. Allie asked me today if I would 'revisit' that sitaution on a casual basis. The answer is yes. But really I know the correct answer is no. So I'm going to be strong about this and breathe deeply and visualise other cocks besides his.

Anyway, I think it's for the best to have several on the go at once, plus there is a Certain Someone that I can't get out of my head!! I'm not going to meet the love of my life in this Country of Eternal Bastards & Mental Cases so I've decided to join them at their own game. Fuck them. Fuck them all! Literally! *insert Evil World Domination laugh here*

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