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Friday, July 07, 2006

Fractured Ears & Lock Jaw With A Crotch On Top

Random crotch shot at the MotoGP, the rest of him ain't too bad either.......

I wrote a whole section on The Commander In Chief of the Spanish Inquisition getting on my tits this morning, and oh how I wish someone had been getting on my tits in the literal sense.......*sigh*......but this was just someone making my Irritable Bitch Syndrome flair up again. Anyway, I deleted it. I'm not wasting this blog on that crap. I decided the above crotch shot was a definite way to cheer myself up! And being the selfless gal that I am I thought I'd share the crotch. Oh, I spoil you so!

View from the beach in Cinquale. The mountains a mere stone's throw from the beach.

So today I was just stuffing around in my apartment when suddenly some freak started 'singing' on a microphone in the piazza. Her song of choice was 'It must've been love, but it's over nooooooow' by Roxette. Rest asssured, if it wasn't over before she started singing whoever she was singing about would've pulled the pin well and truly by the time she'd finished. Wow! Two dying cats would've sounded more musical than her. I'm suprised my ears are still functioning.....

Forte Dei Marmi. View of mountains from the ocean

My jaw is killing me for some reason. It feels as if it would after giving the entire Italian soccer team blow jobs in quick succession *loses train of thought briefly* Lock jaw, I do believe, would be an appropriate description.

This is my fave pic from Sardinia. I sat on a beach on night to have a quiet bevvie and this was the divine view.

Tonight we're hitting up the bar across the road again. The one with the crazy, whistle blowing man where we watched The Match the other night. There's a mexican party on. I dare say he'll be wearing the his sombrero again and will start throwing us around like he did last time, all in the name of salsa dancing.

I had more pics to post but I just can't figure this shit out. You'll have to make do with these ones and wait with baited breath for the rest. In the meantime pray to *insert your god's name here* that Italia come up trumps on Sunday night. We're going to hang with a few guys in a bar near the piazza. It's closer to the fountain and all the action that will be going down. Yeehaaaaaaa!!!!!

FORZA ITALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Admittedly it might make for a funny blog post to watch grown men cry over a game of soccer if they lose. *insert Evil World Domination* laugh here. Yeah, you guessed it I'm totally off these mama's boys that are the Italian 'men'. Not bad to look at, but anything more is just a turn off. For now anyway.....hehehe.

Have a fabulous weekend my little cherubs!


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