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Friday, December 29, 2006

Puttin' the HO back into the festive season: Cherry! Style

Hi there lovers!

First and foremost I must wish you all a belated very Merry Christmas! I hope you all have been having a wow of a time as have I!

Being the festive season and all it's only right that I have spent the past two weeks in varying states of intoxication but all that will pale in comparison to the big motha of a celebration that is just around the corner! *i'm so excited! and i just can't hide it! i'm about to lose control and i think i like it!* (insert legwarmers and some cool hair flicking, arm swinging, leg kicking 80's inspired dance moves here) Since being back in Sydney I have reverted back to my fag hagging ways of old and will be going to Toybox on New Year's Day! I haven't been to any of the Toybox dance parties before but the boys have told me how fantastic they are! A great time will be had that's for sure! Then when Toybox ends we're heading home to relax, shower and costume change and it's off to The Shift for Indulgence. Hoorah! Can't wait!

On the actual New Year's Eve we're going to a guy's house who has a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to watch the fire works, then maybe for a drink and then home to bed.

So that's what's on the horizon, but here's a few things that have gone down *smirk* in the past couple of weeks:

* The Cherry! working her anus off
* The work Christmas party on a boat on the Hawkesbury River at Wisemans Ferry. Everyone looked tres tres gorgeous and had lots of fun. After that I caught up with some other friends and proceeded to trash myself which was lots of fun also.
* More drinks, fun and stuff with other friends in the Big Smoke.
* More drinks, fun and stuff with other friends in the Big Smoke. (not the same friends. Different ones so I had to write it twice)
* Drinks, fun, backyard cricket (played in the front yard me scoring a rather large 2 runs and not in the same innings, now that's hawt!), bocce and food with the relo's on Christmas Day.
* We dressed the dogs up and even put 'Pawlish' on them. I'll whack some pics up of them dressed up in another post.
* The Cherry! may or may not have got some girth. Unfortunately, it's classified information, so I can't throw any of you dogs a bone on that one. But if anyone's got a bones to throw my way please do so sooner rather than later!

Okay, gotta run peeps. I have to go and find some suitable outfits for the parties and also some new shoes. None that I have are comfortable enough to wear for the entire day and night. I just don't know what though..... ho hum!

Ciao for now and I hope you all have wonderful New Year celebrations!
Get down, and more importantly, GET DIRTY!

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