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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pissed Cunt / Walker - A game for the entire family!

Hiya! I know it's been a long time between blogs, but basically between hard working weeks and trashy weekends, I just haven't been in the blogging zone. Contrary to Jin's belief, sadly, I haven't been getting any. No girth for this Little Aussie Battler. *sob*

Anyway, so like I say I've been working, got a hair cut, been partying, hanging with friends, attending trivia nights (both teams I have been on, The Rainbow Whores and Beckham's Ducks have not done so well. From here the only way is up. We'll keep trying until we at least get a $3 drink voucher!), drinking enough alcohol to kill that trusty old blue whale a few times over, smoking copious amounts of cigarettes and I've also lost a big 4kgs since the Bloggest Loser Launch! *high kick*

In the pic you can't really see the absolute fabulousness of the actual hair cut, but you can see the absolute fabulousness of moi (even if I do look a little pregnant in the dress...), and that's really the main thing. I'll try and capture the haircut in a more close up fashion at a later date.

Yesterday I learnt a brand spanking new game to play whilst driving in the car early in the morning on either a Saturday or a Sunday. My boy buddy Lee taught it t me as we drove to work at the Pyrmont Growers Markets yesterday. Upon seeing a man out in the cold, raining weather at 5.30am running, I said to Lee 'Gee he's keen!' Lee then proceeded to tell me a game he and his sister in law loved to play when they drove to te markets from a suburb with a dense population of bogans. It's called 'Pissed Cunt / Walker', and what you do is when you see a person off in the distance you say either 'Pissed Cunt' if you think the person is drunk and on their way home or 'Walker' if you think the person is a fitness freak. You accrue points and when you reach your destination and tally the points, you have a winner! What a tops game! I urge you all to play it yourselves!

That's about all I gots for ya at this present moment. I'm still trying to catch up on everyone's blogs and will def be blogging more from here on in!

Peace out!
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