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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sorry about that....

Yeah. Sorry about being away for so damn long! I know how you must've all been suffering withdrawals....

I know I promised that I'd give you the low down on what happened THAT Saturday night, but I'm not really in the zone right now. Next time, I promise.

This is just a quick one to let all and sundry (that care) know that The Cherry lives on! Through starvation and a couple of little bits of exercise I continue to live large with The Bloggest Loser competition. Everyone (that's doing it) needs to post how much they've lost so far this coming Monday, okay?

I've pretty much just been driving around (borrowed my sister's car) and getting lost. You know trips that should take one hour end up an hour and a half because one little road is blocked and you have to take a different route and end up going through the back streets and ultimately drive in the wrong direction? That's me. I'd also like to blame my father a little for yesterday's efforts (yes, that's right last night and this morning going all around the world). He assumes I know where I'm going which is a huge mistake to begin with, and then gives me main roads and ends the directions with 'and then you just take the back streets'. Hmmm....very informative! While I was driving the streets aimlessly last night I was taken back to a time in December last year when I dropped the parents off at the airport and then had to drive the 15 minute drive back to my bro's house. When asked for directions my father replied 'Oh! You know the way! Just get out onto such and such and you'll know where you are!' Let it be said that one hour and many a phone call later, I found myself still driving around searching for my bro's house. I nearly ended up in the big smoke which is completely in the opposite direction. hahaha! Loves it!

Ummm.....can't really think of anything else to write for now, except we'll be having a large one Saturday night and another large one next weekend (hopefully both nights). I just trekked into the big smoke and bought two fabulous new frocks! *squeal* Cannot wait to frolick in those at the discoteque. 'Twill surely be nothing short of murder on the dance floor!

Gotta run peeps. Sorry for the neglect, I'll be more diligent in the coming days!

Rock out!
Love youse all!
The directionally challenged Cher xxx

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