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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Cherry Lays..........Bets.

Some of you may or may not be aware / give a toss that on Tuesday was 'The Race That Stops The Nation' here Down Under also known as The Melbourne Cup. I've been known to punt on the ol' horses from time to time. Not too much money and only from other people's tips. That way if I lose I have someone else to blame! Ingenius!

Anyway, on Tuesday I got very excited and had a few horses to put bets on as well as going in the sweeps at work. Well, I got to the TAB and was very concious of the horse numbers and that I was betting on the correct horses, because I had money of Lee's and also in the past have bet on the wrong horse because I got the numbers wrong. Up I trotted to the counter and laid the bets onyl to walk away and see that I had been up to my old tricks again! Lo and behold I had bet on the BARRIER NUMBERS!!!!! Not the freaking horse numbers. Some of them were still the correct horses but the others were donkeys. I mean who in their right mind would seriously put a bet on a horse with such a boring name as 'Kerry O'Reilly'? Boring!

One of the mistakes came in third so I guess it wasn't all bad. I got a second and third. Not too shabby, but not fabulous either because after I stuffed up the other bets I had to go and put more money on the ones I really wanted to bet on. I think I may throw in the towel as far as betting on the horses goes. Perhaps I'll dabble in greyhounds next.

Better run peeps. I nearly burnt the house down this morning by forgetting about the coffee and must clean before going to work.

Over and out.
Cheery Cherry!

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