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Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Bloggest Loser Launch

Tired of feeling overwieght? Want to rid yourself of that spare tyre? Or simply just want to tone up and feel fantastic? Well 'The Bloggest Loser' may be for you!

Some of my blog buddies as well as non blogging buddies have decided that we should start losing weight together! We'll measure body fat using this method and check in every Monday with improvements in weight etc. No need to publically disclose your start weight though as this could prove to be a humilitating experience and after January 1st the one that has improved the most will be declared The Bloggest Loser! All interested parties email me or leave me a comment to let me know you'll be playing along.

If you feel like purchasing some fabulous sweat bands such as the ones you see being mwardelled by Ms. Olympia (Emma), Lady T (Wendy) and The Cherry then knock yourself out. I feel they can enhance any workout regime.

So in updates for this weekend. Friday night we went and saw a show in Newtown. The first singer wore some sort of psychotic smile whilst singing her original songs. Despite the applause I could see the peeps just wanted her off that damn stage. After she finished Ms. O and I ducked up to the bathroom and who should walk in but the main 'act'. She popped into a cubicle and then left without going through the social norm of washing her hands! Ha! Immediately knew she must have been snorting some of the good stuff in there and went into to check for evidence. Lo and behold, our suspicions were confirmed....I would never have thought this particular singer would be into the good times. Anyway, they were awesome and then we rocked onto RWC for a boogie.
I met a nice chap, kissed him and then left. He called me and said he would see me next weekend. So we'll see. He was hot and I suspect HUNG! On Saturday night I went back to the parents place where a MASSIVE drama unfolded! I'll be posting about that tomorrow or the next day along with pics. I'm not giving away any hints, but I will say that I'm still a little edgy. Well more than a little actually.

That's all for now folks. And remember if you want to get physical by participating in The Bloggest Loser let me know.

Edgy Cherry saying ciao for now.

*blows kiss*

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