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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Key to True Happiness

I was reading an article in my the weekend newspaper and they had an article on 'What Really Makes Us Happy'. It went on about how people have more money etc these days but aren't necessarily happier. Well have found the key to happiness, ladies and gentlemen. I think if every household was to have one of these every member of that household would find true happiness. I present to you.............*insert drum roll here*...............

The Lazy Susan!

'I'd never known such happiness until the lazy susan entered my life!' quote Hogan Logan runway super mwardel

Here we see the ever glamorous Hogan Logan runway super mwardel showcasing the lazy susan. The night I arrived in Dubai we decided since we hadn't seen each other for over a year (it can happen to the best of any super mwardels with gruelling work schedules) that it was most certainly an occassion to break out the lazy susan.

'Hogan Logan is that my bacardi and coke?' 'Sure is, Cherry-Kimber, here you go!' *SPIN*

At one stage I attempted to stretch across the lounge to reach the smoked salmon. Hogan Logan was quick to show me the error of my ways simply stating 'Cher, don't stretch. SPIN!'. Wise words that would make a fabulous advertising campaign if I do decide to act / cash in on this brainchild and key to happiness and start making them myself. Can't you just see The Cherry woodworking away (I have worked with wood before but this will be woodwork of a different kind), handcrafting lazy susans complete with safety glasses and the rest of the fabulous woodwork get up? Hogan Logan and I were talking on the phone the other night and we were thinking 'Why not personalise them with some cool stencilling or wonderful decoupage?' That would just increase happiness levels tenfold!! I need some feedback on this peeps, before I get production underway.

Deep throating with lazy susan backdrop

Again we see the lazy susan. Actually, this was just a ploy to put a picture of Hogan Logan attempting to deep throat a pringles container. hahaha! Loves it!

Apart from the plans to get the lazy susan production into full swing and enrich people's lives with true happiness there ain't much going down here. I have a couple of days work tomorrow and the next day which really should be really exciting (yeah right). I am feeling a bit ripped off that I'll miss Cheaters but I plan on recording it so as not to miss out! Monday's episode was the best one I've seen yet where the 'Cheatee' *Dan Newberry, age: 49* went a bit psycho at 'The Confrontation' and after exclaiming 'I can't handle this!' planted his foot on the gas peddle and took off with the host and all the crew chasing him on foot, not knowing WTF was going on!! He then rammed his truck into the car his wife and her lover were in and kept ramming until the car went into the water and the two making out in the back seat scurried to safety!! Fabulous viewing! And the 'case' prior to that one was quite the twisted outcome with the Cheatee finding out that the gal her man of 2yrs was 'cheating' with was a gal he'd actually been with for 5yrs! I mean, who would have seen either of those outcomes happening?!?!? Great stuff! Where do they find these people?!?!

And let us not forget that it is THE CHERRY'S 30TH BIRTHDAY on Friday peeps! Hoorah!

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