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Thursday, September 14, 2006

The New *Angelic* Look

So what's everyone thinking about the new improved profile picture?!?!?!? You've all seen the pic before but I snazzied it up somewhat.

Not much happening here except that I have just been lazing around in leisure suits kickin' it with the dawgs. I wasn't going to start looking for work until next wek to give me some R&R time but I thought since I wasn't doing anything I might as well send out the trusty resume to some angencies. Lo and behold a couple got back to me immediately (I'm in demand you know) and now I have a freaking 'interview' with one tomorrow in the city. There goes a the R&R. For tomorrow I shall be up at the crack of freaking dawn and *shudder* commuting in my skin tight suit. Why skin tight I hear you ask. Because I have taken the term 'bulking up' to entirely new levels. All I can say is thank the lord that I always buy these types of ensembles in sizes a couple of sizes too big to allow for things such as becoming three shadows of my former self. I did try to coherce the lass into seeing me next week but I sensed a tone of urgency in her voice. I just hope that means I will have work next week thus allowing me to rise above the poverty line. Goodbye to fabulous television viewing such as 'Cheaters' (loves that show!!!) and real life stories about weddings and shit! Hello rat race and having to deal with other people in a 'professional' environment!

Let's hope this is the only chick I have to waste my time going to see!

Peace out my pretties!

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