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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lights! Camera! Action!

Yesterday afternoon when I arrived back at the ranch, Dad immediately decided to get the dogs frocked up and ponying down the runway to do a welcome back fashion show for me. It was exhilerating to be honoured in such a way. So much so that I could not take photos. Today I frocked them all up again (inspired by Jin's post with Brioche in it) and decided to let them become mwardels once again. Here's the magic that the camera captured.....

A group shot at the end of the show

Due to the demands of the competitive industry, and their desire to stay in shape, the mwardels no longer dine on raisin toast on a daily basis, instead opting just to eat this special treat every now and ten.

Here we see Lily with a somewhat distant look in her eye. Exactly the look we were trying to achieve during this particular shoot. A sort of bored / I have better things to do with my time look that has come to be so popular in mwardelling over the years. The purple leopard skin is a popular choice amoung young ladies today in the upper class society.

The one thing I really like in this look that Sonny Bill is sporting is that he really has been able to retain his masculinity despite a rather flamboyant tiger skin garment and matching black collar with orange diamontes. I think it screams 'I'm tough, don't fuss with me' whilst simultaneously sending out the messag that he's completely in touch with his feminine side.

Poppy is dressed in a fabulous pink ensemble which is complimented by her fuscia diamonte collar. The look is classically girly, but hints that inside there's a wild side wanting to break free. Ever the professional mwardel, you'd never know from these inspirational shots that she has an ear infection and threw up just minutes before the show due to 'nerves'.

*All mwardels are represented by The Cherry Presents Mwardelling Agency*

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