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Friday, August 25, 2006

My Last Weekend!!!!

I'm finishing this week of blogging with a few pics of Tuscany and a few randoms. It's my last full weekend in this wonderful nation that is Italia. I'm planning FUN! FUN! FUN!
Grapes, oh the grapes!
Tonight I'm catching up with Allie as she returns from Chianti and a possible ren dez vous with Plan B. With only one week left, we'd best be getting busy! hahahaha!
The church through the vineyards
Tomorrow night is a BBQ at Soe and Lucio's. Let's hope the sausage they'll be serving there isn't the only spicy Italian sausage I wrap my laughing gear around this weekend.
I think I'm more patriotic towards Italia than I am for Australia. Or maybe the Italian flags just nicer.
So yes, just one week left to go! *sob* / *squeal* / WTF do I always leave packing to that last minute?????? I'm sad to be leaving fabulous friends behind, excited to be seeing my peeps in Dubai for the week that I'll be there and dying to see my fantastic friends and family back in Australia! Eeek! Alot of fun on the horizon! Alot of crazy crazy crazy fun!

Ass Rape courtesy of Italia anyone? Look no further!

I thought I'd whack this photo on because it I saw that this company existed after the repeated ass rapes I received from this country, Italia. Maybe I should have tried to gain employment there to prevent them. Surely they don't go after their own.....

Soe & Lucio demostrate 'The Renee Kiss'. Yes, they were inspired by moi! I'm so proud! *sob*

Here we see Soe and Lucio doing 'The Renee Kiss' (Renee is moi BTW, Cherry's a nickname!). They give me a demo almost every time I see them and take a pic almost every time they give me a demo. This one was taken in a restaurant. As you can see Lucio is really getting into it!

The spectacular sunrise!

Okay this one's of the sunrise this morning. I was fortunate to wake up to a lovely message from a Certain Someone and then when I actually got out of bed this is what I saw. Beautiful!

My bro, Mikhail (aka Michael). Maybe getting hacked is similar to getting punked.

This is a pic of my bro. I received an email from him and his wife a while ago and only just now realised there was an attachment. This is what is was. It says 'you have been hacked'. So I guess I'll get the story behind that upon my return to the Land Down Under. It wouldn't surprise me if they were on drugs at the time and wanted to experiment with whatever that program is where you can use the spraypaint and shit. Bless their little cotton socks!


And last but not least I leave you with a pic of Yours Truly. 'Why, oh why?' I hear you ask. Just to equalise. In other words: butt ugly bro versus stunning sis. And because it's my flamin' blog, ya flamin' mongrels (said like Alf Stewart from 'Home & Away')!

Next week I shall endeavour to post every day. There'll be three posts on Rome and one for Pisa and Lucca. I know that's only four but there'll be other things too. So stay tuned!

Cheers to everyone having a truly wonderful weekend, sweeties! Ah! I can hear the pop of the cork now! Not that cork (I wish!), the vino bottle, ya filthy animals!

Cheerio my little buttercups!

Air kisses and cheers-ing to all!

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