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Friday, September 01, 2006

The Cherry Presents..........

Well hung, or what?!?!
Hey good lookin'. What ya got cookin'? How about cookin' somethin' up with me! This here apron is my pride and joy. This is how I greeted the dinner guests, Matteo and Manuel last night. Talk about Getting Your Cock Out!
Murder on the dance floor!
So anyway, the boys came over for dinner last night and a fabulous time was had by all! These are just a few of the pics taken.

'The Man' aka Manuel GYCO's. He has aspirations of having a dick the size of a black man's.

Well having a bit of a dig at bitches is becoming a weekly thing, it would seem. Today's gripe is about how they can just get the screaming shits with you one minute, not enlighten you as to why they're pissed at you, let it be known to the whole crew present that they're pissed at you and then five minutes later start talking to you like nothing ever happened! hahahahahaha! Fuck me! Some bitches need to come with a warning that mind reading is essential if you want to hang with them. This is yet another reason why I hate gals. Well I have a select few that I like and that's mainly because they're on the same wave length as moi. I mean if you're annoyed by something just fucking say it and get it over with instead of making a huge production out of it, you know? I could go on with a few other things that are getting on my tits whilst simultaneously boring me to tears, but I don't want to bore all y'all with that crap and besides I've already had a bitch to a couple of you via chat today (thanks Jin and Mike!! hahahaha! Katy when you get on you're not safe either!! *insert Evil World Domination laugh here*).

The delightful Matteo!

So below are the photos taken at the Church of the Immaculate Conception. Quite a fascinating place and if you ever make your way to Roma, I urge you go there and check. it. out. So apparently, all of these monks wanted to be bureid like right there in the church because it was the place of conception blah blah blah. Soon it became so packed that they had a more skeletons than they knew what to do with. They did what anyone would do and decided to decorate the freaking interior with the freaking bones!!!! It's eerily revolting, yet ooooh so intriguing!

Proudly presented by Cherry & Joce!

Here's the lovely Joce!! One could be mistaken for thinking 'tis moi that is preggers, not her! So this is out the front of the church.

Again front of the church.

Front of the church.

Boner anyone?

Here are the bones! I mean check that shit out! It's just like 'Hey Franco, can you grab that C5 verterbrae and throw it over here? I'm thinking of doing some arrow kinda things on the roof. What do you think?' All that decoration there is made of freaking peeps bones!!

A unique form of interior decoration

Here are somefull skeletons still with their robes on. Some of them looked kind of mummified. Like I said really very cool, yet feral all at once! These are actually ILLEGAL PHOTOS!!!! Are your eyes burning just looking at them and is the computer screen melting? Because there was a big sign saying no photos, but we threw caution to the wind. She did see us snapping away and yelled out over a loud speaker thing, but what's she going to do? Confiscate the camera?!?!?! I don't think so!! Plus it said don't touch. But this sneaky little Cherry did touch a bone! And not the type of bone I'm accustomed to!!! It felt like wood. And not the type of wood I'm accustomed to!!! I know it was naughty of me to go against the rules, but being a non conformist I did what I felt like at the time. So spank me!

'I just love what you've done with the dining room, daaaaahling!'

More bone decorations. It's only a small place and there are about four different rooms. Below are some more of the full skeletons, standing in arches made of like femurs and skulls and stuff. I think they're femurs anyway. It's been a while since I finished the massage course and really must freshen up on the old knowledge.


So that's that! I hope you found it as cool as Lee, Joce and I did! This is my last post from Italia!!! Can you believe that shit?!?!?! I leave the house tomorrow at midday. As I said to Kiki yesterday, very little time to teach many more Italians the word 'cunt'. I fly from Milano into Dubai. AAAAAAAHHHH!!! Excellent! I cannot wait to see the other mwardel. Not just any mwardel! But a runway supermwardel! (I wish I could put audio on here so you could actually here the way we say it. It's hilarious!!!) Tonight I'm off to Soe and Lucio's again! Hilarity should ensue! I'll try and get another ass shot. No doubt it will be out and proud! hahaha!

The next time I post I shall be in the dessert, sweeties! I advised Hogan Logan that I would not be making any public appearances whilst there due to embaressing weight gain. He said there was one public appearance to made at the H&M launch. I said to him that I'd just have to don a burqua so nobody could see the fat etc. I mean if it's anywhere I can get away with a stunt like that it's in Dubai! Problem solved! Fabulous!

That's it for now! If anyone needs me I'll be in the middle east kickin' it with camels in my burqua.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! GYCO!!

Love youse all!

******BTW can everyone nick over to Scott's blog for his Freaky Friday question!?!?!?! Link on the side there! Kisses!!******

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