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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hello Little Cherubs!

The Usual Suspects: Soe, Lucio, Mimo, Gaetano & Allie
Ciao party peeps! I trust everyone had yet another fabulous weekend as did I! Here is an assortment of pics taken over the weekend. I have tried to post more but ye ole' blogger is back to doing what it does best! Jarring The Cherry up the clacker sideways. As a result this weekend's pictorial escapades will be posted in two lots. One today and, all going well, one tomorrow! I know I was going to present to you Rome as well as Pisa & Lucca, and I will but you'll just have to wait!

This cake was divine!

I think the the pics of tomorrow will be better than today's, but there's nothing I can do about it. Nevertheless allow me to enlighten you as to what went down.....On Friday night I picked Allie up from the train station then armed with all the necessities, namely booze, cigarettes and a chip on our shoulders. I think the latter was due to exhaustion, but it was there nonetheless. So we sat in our usual positions on the step in the garden and caught up. We were also drinking quite quickly which made Allie pipe up and say that if we didn't calm it down we wouldn't see 8 o'clock. Well we stayed up long enough to watch Bridget Jones' Diary, dance a very merry jig to Van Morrison and then crashed at 10.30. Woohoo! Huge night in!

Soe and Lucio

Unfortunately, due to my early night I missed out on a ren dez vous with the delightful Plan B, but I did wake up early enough to go for breakfast with Gaetano. We ate and then went to walk in the park and we were pleasantly surprised to find the bar open so we ate icecream. There's something cool about eating icecream at 7am. I think it's called fatso whale status here I come.

Spicy Italian sausage anyone?

Saturday night was the BBQ night at Soe and Lucio's. As always tops fun! Eating, drinking, dancing, hilarity, talk of sex, a sprinkling of nudity and sausage sucking! As you can see the pic above shows a bit of the sausage scenario. Tomorrow I'll be posting a pic of the star of the BBQ and by star I mean Lucio's ass which he likes flashing around just for the hell of it. It's getting to the stage where it's a surprise not to see his ass.

Unless you want the place burnt down don't let me cook pasta

The above picture shows an oven mit that came off second best whilst I was trying to cook some pasta for Allie. I was trying to get the damn pasta to go into the pot (it was long stuff) and the handle was hot. So I got the mit, put it on and perservered with trying to get the pasta in. Then I smelt a funny smell and thought it was the pasta leaning against the hot pot. A few seconds later flames! After some quick action of water to flame, I laughed my head off and waved the old white flag to signal to Allie that I was giving up.

Need a hand? A statue in the park

On Sunday I watched DVD's all day long at Allie's place and then came home with enough time to do a quick tidy up before the gorgeous Plan B came over for a bit of lovin'. I chilled a bottle of wine that I bought in Chianti, bought a tiramisu and got the DVD's ready. Not porn, just ordinary movies. Spicy Italian sausage two days in a row! Fabulous!

Hello turtle!

This is a pic taken of a turtle swimming around in the lake in the park. Cute!

Just hanging, Euro Trash Style

Here's a picture of me just kickin' it in the park at that crack of dawn, pre ice cream eating.

Please see the other post for more pics!

Peace out!

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