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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Cherry Presents.......


Here for your viewing pleasure are just a few of my photos of Rome. There are quite a few but these, my friends, are but a drop in the ocean. You should see how many I actually took. In the end I kind of got sick of taking photos! Enough talk! Let's get straight into it, shall we?!?!

A picture of the Vatican taken from a bridge in from of the castle.

Walking up to the Vatican.

If I'm honest I was very disappointed with my pics taken of the Vatican solely because of the lighting. Obviously, I have learnt a valuable lesson and I pass on this information to you. Don't go at this time of day. Haul ass there in the morning, even midday. Just don't go with the sun like this because this is what happens!

The Vatican

As I walked up to the Vatican I was listening to some really phat and funky beats. I remember the one I was listening to as I approached this fabulous place was really make me funk out. It was a song about Mohammad Ali and it was saying 'Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee'. I really just wanted to stop right there and dance my ass off, but I had to settle for a bit of a dance / walk scenario. I'm sure it looks kinda funny to the untrained eye, but really there is an art to it.


Just to prove that I didn't get these pics of the internet and that I really was there. Self portrait. One of the downfalls of travelling alone: head shots only. Yes I could ask someone to take a pic but I hate people, strangers in particular, strange tourist even moreso. And when I cruise around alone I tend to get in the zone and just want to 'be' and not have to deal with other people. I know this makes me sound entirely deranged, but when did I claim to be otherwise?!?!?!

The Vatican
I did love the Vatican, but being the faithful Catholic that I am (oh stop laughing you bitches! Jin, I said STOP!) I had hoped for some sort of spiritual awakening or perhaps a rod of light (or rod of any kind would have done come to think of it) to envelope me and do whatever it is that rods of light do when they envelope peeps. Alas! I was left rodless and the spiritual awakening did not occur until about an hour later by way of Mojito. That was when I was joined by the lovely Lee and Jocelyn and that's when all the games began! Lee and I were fabulous friends in high school and Jocelyn is his gorgeous wife who is currently up the duff with their first child! I can't wait until the little munchkin's born! Lee and I consumed dangerous levels of alcohol over dinner and then walked back to the hotel using imaginary nordic walking sticks, whilst Joce captured the magical moments on camera. When I get these shots I shall post them!

I quite like this shot

This kind of an up close shot of the roof in the last. Check that out! AMAZING!!!

Stop and think about how packed this place would have been when the pope died? Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Uh huh! Packed like a black man's undies!

The guards. I hope they get paid danger money for wearing this sort of get up.

Fountain in front of the Vatican

The front of the Vatican

That fabulous part with the fantastic roof again. This time with the clock in it so I can always remember what time I was kickin' it at my main man's joint, the pope.

I'm loving this photo something chronic

The Vatican...again

The castle

Tres romantic!

So I was strolling along, took a wrong turn and ended up walking along this very picture-esque river. Tree lined with gorgeous bridges. Oh the romance just looking at these pictures kills me! *sigh*

Go the Doggies!

WTF?? I hear you all cry. I took this because my football team in Aus is the Bulldogs. hahaha! I'm obssessed!

Ancient stuff

Near the Coliseum

Pullin' out the big guns.....The Coliseum!

Ain't it something else?!?!?!?!


Fabulous nostril shot!

And again....

A church or something I think

Sorry I can't give you more info than that peeps. I'd have to look it up and I have no time for that no, frankly. Think yourselves lucky you're getting the pics! hahaha! Just kidding. I'm really not very well read as far as this Roma thing goes. But it has inspired moi to read more about history because it really is very fascinating.

A big pole with girth

And speaking of fascinating.....I know you think I just took pics of this pole because it's like a huge cock, but in actual fact I took this close up, not because of the girth, hell no! Check out the detail on that big mutha there! When you think of how old all of these things are the mind boggles! I'm flat out waking up in the morning let alone carving pretty pictures into stone and building churches and coliseums. Mama mia!

On the walk to the Coliseum. More ancient stuff and a church in the background. Pretty shot. And I took it all by myself! *pats self on back*

More ancient stuff and that.

Svetlana kisses Hogan Logan backstage at the Versace Winter Collection Show.

And here we are at the end of the presentation for Part One of the Roman Series. I hope you have all thoroughly enjoyed it! I leave you with this picture of two hawt mwardels (read hot models), Hogan Logan and Svetlana (our mwardel names) taken last July. The relevance? This was the last time I have seen this beautiful speciman of a human being and I think it was the last time I saw my toes too, I don't see them much nowadays due to excessive weight gain. I digress.....In just a few days time I shall be greeted in Dubai by Mama Cass (aka Paul). OMFG I totally cannot wait to see him!!!!! I'm practically squealing sitting here just thinking about it! It will be four days of fun, sun and laughter! Hoorah! All the things I love! When Hogan Logan and Svetlana get together hilarity ensues. In fact, I am killing myself laughing as I type. *high kick*

I suppose I had better start packing or something, huh?

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