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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A quick hello from the dessert, sweeties!

Yo! 'Sup dawgs?!?!?!

I just thought I'd say a quick hello to all y'all from Dubai, Land of Camels and hot arabian men in dish dashes. I had forgotten how highly alluring I find a man in a dish dash. Yummy! The only downfall is that you have to use your imagination in the crotch region. It's not like a nice tight fitting pair of jeans where you can see what's on offer in the lunchbox before you make it to the love nest. Know what I'm saying? The dish dash is a little riskier...... It's a risk I'd be willing to take.

So let me get you up tp speed. Major panic attack just before I left my house in The 'Ganza. Not even three glasses of vino and chain smoking calmed me. It's was kinda crazy. My suitcase was as heavy as a mofo. 39kgs to be exact. At the airport when I put it on he just looked at the bag, and then at me and simply said 'No way'. hahahahahaha! So the next part is embaressing but I shall tell you all. The Cherry had to open her suitcase and take shit out of it right there in the freakin' airport in front of everyone!! hahahahahaha! OMFG! I mean I think that was karma coming back around to bite on the ass because I have been known to chuckle a little (read alot) when I see this happening to other people. Either that or it was one last ass rape from Italia as a farewell present.

The flight was okay. It would have been better if it wasn't for the Malaysian guy sitting next to me. You know the kind that think they're black and so act like some sort of brother. Firstly the flight was a Saturday afternoon arriving in Dubai at midnight so I was kinda curious as to why the hell he chose to wear a suit! ha! Loser! And to make matters worse: CHEAP POLYESTER! Nigga please! And his shirt was unbuttoned a bit to show off a bit of chest hair. That shit was making me gag. He also hogged the arm rest the entire way! Bastardo!

I must say it's been fabulous to see all of my Dubai peeps. Really fabulous and like I never left! It's making me want to extend the stay. But since I have fans awaiting my arrival in Sydney I guess I can't. Tonight we're all ponying (that's MWARDEL TALK, btw) down the runway of life and into the launch of H&M. Will Madonna be making an appearance?!?!? According to my reliable sources 'the guest list cannot be confirmed'. Screw you Madonna, we don't need you to have a good time! Should be a fun night though. And then tomorrow I'll be going on safari. Yeehaa! I hope I get to ride a camel. I will be taking pics for the blog, so fear not my little pretties, fear not!! I have also watched the entire Series 3 of nip / tuck. Only one way to describe it: 'Damn! That shit is whack!' Loves it ALOT!

Thanks for keepin' it real guys! You've been a wonderful audience! *blows kiss* (or maybe just blows. I'd have to see what was on offer *insert Evil World Domination laugh here*)

Love Cherry-Kimber Banchele

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