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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

All pray to the Vino.

Inside the shop

Hi beautiful people! I hope you are all feeling fabulous and GYCO'ing. I'm a little tired but not too tired to give the low down on one of our fantastic adventures (read shitfaced episodes) in Chianti.

Down in the cellars.

As we all know Sunday is the holy day. So being a dedicated follower of the Vino Bottle I embarked on a spiritual journey by way of a Vino Tour of the wonderful Enoteca del Castello Di Brolio . The winery itself was absolutely awesome, the tour guide was very informative and last but by no means least the vino was just divine!

The vino tasting room

There were three very cool Belgium peeps also along for the spiritual quest with Allie and I. We ended up sitting there from 11 until around 2pm chatting and having a merry old time. I was instantly fascinated by Michel who is a sports commentator for cycling in his country. So I was quizzing him on the how's and why's of getting into such a field. He also had a very nice ring. hahahaha! Not that kind of ring, but I did find him quite attractive.

Delights that awaited our arrival!

We all chatted, joked, shared many a story of times gone by and laughed. Oh! How we laughed! We tried these three reds all quite different from the other. We also tried the Chardonnay and the Grappa as well as the sweet wine and the olive oil they produce. All very good. The chards was so good I bought a couple of bottles for The Wench (one of my best gal pals) as a gift for when i get back to Australia. Together The Wench and I have prayed to many a Vino Bottle, so I thought it was appropriate.

At the luncheon

The tour guide soon had to go back to work and later came in to find us all still getting along like a house on fire. She commented that she had never seen a group get along so well. Must have been because it was a holy day. We all decided to rock on to lunch together.

The Famous Michel: fabulous man, fabulous indeed!

Michel was in charge of ordering further Vino bottles to pray to. And what a fine job he did! Most impressive choices and the quote of the day was by none other than this connoisseur when he tried one of the wines for the first time and exclaimed 'This is like an angel pissing on your tongue!' He was right it was divine!

A pot that they store the olive oil in

I aksed him if he was famous in Belgium and he replied modestly that he was not. So I asked his father, his father said yes. I just google his name and there were quite a few entries! He is famous!! I knew it! I'm going to email him right away and tell him that he has been found out by Detective Cherry! Nothing gets by moi! Anyway, fabulous day, fabulous peeps, fabulous food and a fabulous day of praying to the Vino Bottle!

The sunset. *sigh*

If you ever get the chance to go to this place of worship and do a tour I highly recommend it!


PS Notice my blog is barring up again? By that I mean the sidebar is back! Finally!

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