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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Gone Sailing, Sweetie!

Loving myself sick as per usual in my Valentine Rossi get up!

This is just a quick one. I'm in Cinquale at the moment (just near Forte Dei Marmi) and the weather is divine! Tonight I'm setting off for the sailing expedition in Sardinia. I think the entire time may be spent plying myself with alcohol (after sailing each day) due the lack of exciting company I'll be in. Don't get me wrong, they are nice peeps, just not my kind of peeps. I'm considering flying solo and propping up the bar at a local hang out and playing the Italian impaired tourist. You never know what may come of that. But apparently each day we change boats to mix it up a little. I don't think I need to tell you what I'm hoping for: Well hung, handsome stranger with girth.

Replacing Lost Cock was never so much fun! This is moi trying on sunglasses whilst replacing my mobile phone

The drive to the ferry is, thankfully, only one hour. I'll be in a car with one person I've never met and another who I was stuck talking to at dinner one night. I was impressed that his English was self taught. But then the topic of conversation turned to his father going to Australia for a couple of days on business 12 years ago and that he was amazed that people stopped at the pedestrian crossings to let people cross. This was all delivered in a montone and, needless to say, I was beside myself with excitement with this topic.....*yawn*

This is me 'trackside' bitches!

The last couple of days I have been toying with the idea of returning to The Land Down Under for good at the end of the year. It's still at the stage of being nothing more than a thought, but nevertheless it's something I'm considering. I was really leaning towards it when last night I got an sms from someone who shall be known as Plan B. Some of you may know I had been thinking of sabotaging the Mr. W. romance before it actually ended and Plan B is the guy that was part of the reason for the possible sabotage. Anyway, I had sent him an sms complaining that I had not seen one hot person in this town sonce arriving, apart from when I have looked in the mirror. He replied that if I wanted to see the hottest guy then I should go to ****** (insert name of town here). I put the stars there, not for secrecy but because I can't spell the name of the town. So I wrote back I shall be knocking on his door upon my return. hahaha. It will probably never come to anything anyway, but a bit of flirting never hurt anyone!
Viva Il Dottore!

Last but not least, as promised, here it a pic of the cake that I prepared as per the recipe from my EWD British Delegate, none other than the lovely JIN!!!! Of course, this pic is nothing like the food pron she's churning out, but it's simply a taste sensation and due to popular demand I made it again yesterday. I have eaten a fair bit of it, all in the name of looking as repulsive as possible for this summer. Especially this week of sailing! Yeah! Sorry I haven't been my usual blog whoring self but I don't have my usual tools of trade (namely a computer with internet access!!!). Resat assured I'm still loving you all sick and will whore around when I next get the chance.

Love youse all!

PS If they're are eny erorrs in thiss opst. Sorry on tim to chelk.

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