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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

May Day

We were up with the cocks this morning, peeps. Literally. The cocks were cock a doodle doo'ing when Mr. Wonderful and I dragged ourselves out of bed and made the trek back from the mountains and into civilisation.
Mr. Wonderful and one of the boys' younger sister

Yesterday was my very first May Day celebration and I went with the boys around on the bus. The boys actually left in the morning and I jumped on about midday. At first I thought I may die from all of the grown men singing accompanied by accordions, but I actually loved it! The bus takes everyone around to different villages and the men sing and the people in the houses put on food and wine. So I just walked around drinking, eating and shooting the breeze with the guys. What more could I ask for?

At a villager's house

When we got back to the village that we stay in I went to bed and Mr. Wonderful rocked on, putting in a solid 12 hours of drinking. He wasn't feeling so fabulous this morning though. For some reason I found this completely hilarious. I could not stop laughing when he said 'Amore. I die' over and over again whilst groaning in pain.

The festivities continue

We also went fishing in the rain. We went to a river that flowed through some beautiful country and Mr. Wonderful did catch a fish, but nothing to write home about.

The beginning of May also marks the beginning of a health kick.....or so I thought. Miss Olympia returns for her birthday and when there's an international guest in da house fun times are the priority. Although I will still be exercising in an effort to rid myself of this 'two pigs under a blanket' look I have happening with this ass o' mine.

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