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Monday, April 03, 2006

Back in the Land of the Living

Here I am back in the home of Cheese and Ham and I'm loving it! Thanks to Mr. Wonderful and my two Gal Pals.

Friday night I when to Mr Wonderful's house and we went for a spin to hang with his swinging posse. Yes you did read that correctly. They are swingers. The one with the Russian whore as a gf tried to coax Mr Wonderful into hooking up with one of her Russian whore gal pals. Yeah right. He doesn't need to pay someone to sleep with him. He's fucking hot! Keep your Russian whores to yourself! So we played a bit of strip poker for a while. It didn't last long though. The boys just took off their tops and that was about it. *YAWN*

On Saturday night we stayed in with the Gal Pals and Mr Wonderful. His neighbour also came over. Apparently, later that night when KJ was leaving he accosted her. Hahaha! She declined his offer of sex and strolled on home, empty handed. Will she ever learn not to decline sex when it's offered to you on a silver platter?

Sunday was a big day for Your's Truly, for I met The Wonderfuls. The men went hunting in the morning and we all ate lunch. It was a hit! His grandparents are very cool and I have been invited to go hunting with them next time. Bring that shit right on! This could be my new calling in life.

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