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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Lettin' the Good Times Roll

The view of the river Baganza from the mountain we were shooting on.

Okay, so I haven't blogged for a bit. Monday and Tuesday were holidays here so that meant fun times were to be had peeps. On Friday afternoon I went for a run with Matteo and then spent the night in getting some rest before daybreak when we were going shooting. Yes, I realise this is not everyone's cup of tea. Shooting and all that jazz, but each to their own. I had never been before so it was something I wanted to experience. I did shoot the gun once. This was the first time I had ever shot a gun and it was fabulous. The trigger wasn't as hard as what I thought it would be. And the kickback wasn't too bad either. I told Mr. Wonderful next year I'm getting me one of those rifles, whacking on the cammo's and getting out there and getting amongst it. There was a bit of a mix up at one stage though with a fellow hunter calling out 'Vieni qua brutta putana' (Come here bad slut). For a minute I thought he was talking to me but it turned out he was calling his dog.

Nonno rocks my world.

'I like her. We can't really understand each other but we like each other'

(quote from Nonno on Saturday)

After shooting we went to Via Farini for a beverage with friends. Via Farini is a hot spot in downtown Parma. It's the place to be seen and it's all about 'Ciao Ragazzi'ing , double air kisses and getting the Gucci gear out. It was my first time there and we went again last night. There was a concert on in the piazza and it was packed like a black man's undies. Every Parmagiano and their dog was out and about for the festa.

The peeps in the Jeep

The rest of the weekend was quite domesticated and coupley. Seriously, a few times I thought I may throw up because of the whole scene. We went out for dinner with two other couples, we went and bought things for the house and yesterday morning his cleaner came over to clean the terrace. For some reason I had an urge to *SHUDDER* perform manual labour and cleaned out the fridge and rearranged the cupboards. Yes, first I take over the cupboards, next: Evil World Domination. Mr. Wonderful also claimed to be doing 'alots of works' but all I saw him do was scratch his crotch a few times and rearrange his porn drawer. Whilst doing this 'alots of works' he did find me this Columbian bracelet though. I think it's cool.

Nothing much else except before we went out for dinner with the other couples we went to a medieval town. We went into an antique shop which doubled as a house for an eccentric man and his wife. It was quite cool because it had an actual well with water in it in the kitchen. As quick as you can say 'crotch' he was pouring everyone a glass of champers and entertaining the peeps with stories of the house and his daughter who happened to be crowned Miss Italia a few years ago. I have included some pics of the town for your viewing pleasure, dear reader.

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