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Friday, April 14, 2006

Amen Sista!

I wasn't going to post today, but I took a couple of pics of Mr Wonderful's street and I wanted to put them on here. I have been meaning to take some for a while. Mainly because when I leave in the morning I like the shadowing (on the first one anyway) and light combined with the colours of the houses.

I'm feeling a little better today. There were those few things irritating me but I think I'm almost over it....Phew! I seriously need to chill the fuck out sometimes. Sometimes if I was anymore relaxed my heart would probably stop, but sometimes things get to me. Cracks in this perfect life start to appear and I feel like exploding. Not unlike a Cherry Bomb. hahaha.

Mr Wonderful and I are off to church tonight for Good Friday. I know you're probably thinking 'What is that cock sucking, crotch perving, slutty sinner and her swinging boyfriend rocking onto the holy house for?'. Good Friday is pretty much the only day that I go to church, being the good Catholic that I am. He died for us, so it's only fair. Sometimes I go on Easter Sunday too. Mr Wonderful goes to some volunteer thing every Friday night to talk to the peeps that less off than him. He also went last Sunday to get some olive branches. I had planned to go but opted instead to give him something to talk about with the priest in the confession booth (think cock, think mouth) before sending him on his way and kicking back to watch WWE on the television. I'm glad I did because it soon came to light that it was like a stampede with all the old ladies trampling each other to get their god fearing mits on some olive branch. Forget the Running of the Bulls try the Trampling of the Nonnas.

After church we're going to drink with the peeps and then tomorrow we're off to the mountains. With all this mountaineering I've been doing it's lucky I've been practicing my yodelling. I'm thinking of turning professional with this number:

There's a party on the hill
Would you like to come?
Yodell-aa-ee, yodell-aa-ee, yodell-aa-hee-hoo
Bring your own bread and butter
And your own fat bum
Yodell-aa-ee, yodell-aa-ee, yodell-aa-hee-loo
It's hard to spell the sound of yodelling, but I'm sure you get the idea. If you don't get the idea put a cock and your mouth and make a gargling sort of sound or something. It's kind of similar.

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