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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Fun!

This picture is taken from the terrace off the room we stayed in.

I hope everyone had a great Easter break, as did I!

Friday night started the weekend off well with Mr. Wonderful dancing around the stove whilst cooking me dinner, singing 'I love you Renee! Yes I do! I love Renee!'

On Saturday we set off for the mountains stopping along the way to quench our thirst for vino. Mr. Wonderful rents a couple of rooms above the bar in this one horse town and everyone there is like family to him. He hasn't been there for six months and was greeted with 'We thought you were dead' and the like.

Some of the peeps and me

It's amazing because this town is just one hour from Parma, but you'd think it was like five hours from the next town. The way of life is completely different. The men all go to the bar and drink and play cards all day long. On Saturday, when we arrived, that's what we did too. Well, I didn't play cards, but I drank and chatted in my spectacular Italian with the locals. We had dinner at a restaurant and the food was divine!

The card playing. Mr W. is the one at the front

On Sunday after we visited a nearby town we did the same thing again. Drank, played cards and chatted with the locals. There was one extra activity that was thrown into the mix on this day though and that was singing. Yes, these men love to sing. But when they cracked out the accordions I knew it was time to run for cover. Seriously, I learnt my lesson from this kind of thing in France. I just thanked my lucky stars there were no bagpipes laying around. At the village hoe down in France last year my ears nearly started to bleed and whenever we heard bagpipes after that we all got the hell out of there quick smart.

The bar.

The next two weeks will be psychological preparation for the May Day celebrations that will be going down in the village. Every year the men board a bus and go to another village and walk and drink and sing and play the accordions all the way back to their village. I think that's the way it works anyway (the photos everywhere in the bar show all the men walking and shit). Mr. Wonderful has put in a special request that I, The Cherry Bomb, be allowed to go where no person of the female variety has gone before. Namely, he has requested permission for moi to board that bus and join in with the festivities. I think the boss of the day is thinking about it. The boys seem to think that this won't be possible 'because we'll be drinking'. Mr. Wonderful told them that I drink more than them and that I should be allowed to go. I await the verdict, but I'm not holding my breath. These are country folk that don't like these blokey events invaded by females sniffing around.

All in all a fabulous weekend! Thank you Mr. Wonderful! You are the best!

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