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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Over the Top

OMFG. I am hungover like a mo' fo'.

Last night I went to Kiwi Jenny's house and spoke about all things antipodean. Conversations covered topics such as cock, hot cock, big cock, Ital cock, bad cock, new cock, old cock, potential cock and the like. Copious amounts of wine were consumed depsite the fact that I took my massage table over to give KJ a massage (no happy ending) and didn't actually end up giving her a massage. I was intending to stay the night but I ended up walking around the corner to Mr Wonderful's house as drunk as a skunk and smelling like an ashtray. Classy number.

Random thoughts for today:

*Does anyone give a nun's nasty about the Commonwealth Games? Just curioso.

*My mobile has mal-fucking-functioned yet a-fucking-gain. Due to the burgeoning relationship with Mr Wonderful I'm finding it difficult to breathe. The only key that works is the 'no' key. So if anyone calls I have to hang up on them and I can't read or send sms's. I'm going to buy a new one this afternoon so I can smash this freaking thing into a million pieces once and for all. My friends just called from Aus (no doubt for the Mr Wonderful spicy Ital salami travels fast) and I couldn't answer it. My Irritable Bitch Syndrome (IBS) is flaring up......

*My shoulder hurts and so does my ass due to a fabulous exercise session yesterday afternoon. My god, I love to exercise. There's nothing quite like it. Bring that shit right on.

*The Doggies won last Friday nite. Kicked the team that took out the premiership last season's ass. Hopefully they'll win tomorrow nite in the same fashion, but the Knights are in good form. I will be wearing my 'Proud to be a Bulldog' wristband for good luck. If they lose, I'll have to reconsider wearing it next time.

*Why do straight guy's like anal? I don't get it. Enlighten moi.

*Check out the Word of the Day: Word of the Day paterfamilias \pay-tuhr-fuh-MIL-ee-uhs; pat-uhr-; pah-\, noun; plural patresfamilias \pay-treez-; pat-reez-; pah-treez-\: The male head of a household or the father of a family.

*Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? I'm going skiing for a week on Saturday and have been pondering this thought. Maybe I'll be over the whole Mr Wonderful thing by the time I return or maybe he'll be over me. Ah! 'Shattered Dreams and Twisted Fairytales' the story of my life. Are there any clairvoyants reading this that are picking up a vibe??? (I'm serious, BTW)

And..........drum roll please, for I have saved the best for last....................

*Has anyone seen this great movie???? It's tres fucking cool. My fave line is at the end when the boy goes see Sly Stallone at the tournament and yells emotionally 'Over the top, Dad! Over the top!'. Funnily enough, this enables the arm wrestling Stallone to dig deep and perform his 'Over the Top' maneuver and take out the arm wrestling title. At least I think that's how it ends. What I loved about this movie in particular was the arm wrestling and trucker theme. I saw it a couple of months ago here in Italia. I just wish I had have paid more attention so I knew how to say 'Over the top' in Italian.

PS The hangover is getting better! Hoorah!

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