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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Weekend Wrap Up

It's been a long time between drinks folks, but here is a wrap up of last weekend in this great land of Italia!

Friday Night

Not the greatest shot, I admit. But just in case you can't read what it says under 'Grooviera' allow me to enlighten you. It reads 'Fashion Club'. I don't know which part of the name I like more. The fact that the name is a play on words with a type of cheese and another term for dance, or that it's a 'fashion club'. Whichever way you want to look at it, it's pure class.

So the rest of the teachers and I were out to celebrate a birthday. There were lots of 'highlights' including the caveman type friend of the birthday girl actually acting like a caveman when food and beer came out. I'm talking banging her (yes it was a girl but resembled a caveman) knife and fork on the table when the food came out and the like. I was amazed that anyone over the age of five acted ever like this. So that part was kind of embarrassing because she was sitting opposite Maritza and I.

There was also a bachelorette party on the table next to ours. I love witnessing bachelorette parties, especially of the public and lame variety. The bride-to-be looked like she'd got her hair caught in a roll of red tulle while walking out of a textile shop and really got wild at one stage by standing on a table to dance. The craziness barely lasted two seconds before security told her to get down, which she did and then proceeded to dish out high fives to her fellow revellers. Talk about too hot to handle!

Maritza and pulled out some hot dance moves when the live band were strutting their stuff. The crown for the dance off went to Maritza this time for pulling out the Rocking Horse early on in the piece. If only I'd been intoxicated, I'd have stolen the Wheel Barrel maneuver from Claudia and taken the title for myself.


Maritza and I went on a mini road trip to Mantova, which is just an hour away, hence the use of 'mini'. It's a beautiful little town. We just strolled around, took pictures and sat in a cafe before heading back to hang out in Parma.

I'll be adding all of these pics onto my other site too a bit later.


This was a great day despite the fact that it was freezing cold, snowing and made me get sick this week. I went to my first ever soccer game. It was awesome! Parma won and Bresciano (the Australian pictured in Number 23 above) scored a goal. Yay! The cops and their helmets were on hand in case any brawls broke out and they all took a shine to Jenny and I with the hottest one getting our numbers. He called later on and said he and some of his mates would be coming to meet up with us for a drink. My one track mind was firmly set on crotch shots, but the dream was shattered when they called to cancel an hour later. We have a sneaking suspicion they were inebriated and not able to travel the 60kms to meet us. Better luck next time!

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