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Thursday, August 03, 2006

The week.

I got this off the Post Secret site. It struck a chord with me. I cannot stand it when chicks (some guys do it too) start talking like a pre teething child to their partner. Or even when they make their voices go up an octave or two. An ex friend of mine used to break out into this fucked up baby talk calling her partner 'lamb-o' or 'lamby'. I wanted to reach in and tear out her voice box every time I heard this shit. I'm thinking of going into politics to make this illegal and then have repeat offenders' voice boxes surgically removed, for they should not have the power of speech! Hahaha! Yeah, it's laughable, but mark my words! I'll do it!!!!!!!

Flower in the Dolomites

Well this week, thus far, has been lovely filled with afternoon naps and a date with a different man every night. When your friends are out of town what else is there to do? On Tuesday night I went with Gaetano to the festa in Fornovo. I was ready for a huge dance off but the music was crap. I don't know what the 'dj' (term used very loosely) was trying to prove, but if he was trying to prove what sort tracks do not a good dance off make then he really was going the right way about it. There were lots of hot peeps out and about. The perving was good and the actual festa itself was pretty bloody big and they had fireworks etc. When we were leaving a handsome stranger accosted me and gave me his number. Who was I to argue? We're going out tonight. hahahaha!


Last night I went out with 'just friends' Davide. Surprisingly, there was no need for commando rolls into bushes or driving into far away lands to avoid his girlfriend. Weird. She must be out of town or something, because we went right into the centre and then went for a drink afterwards and we even went to Dada to see if we could go dancing. Unfortunately it wasn't open. It will be tonight and if the weather clears up we'll probably go tonight. He didn't try to jump me which was marvellous and it really would appear as if we are 'just friends'. On Sunday we're going somewhere but I don't know where. I told him to figure that part out. Delegatation is my forte.

Before the festa, Tuesday night

So tonight, I'm off with the new guy. I don't know what we are doing or where we are going, but he is picking me up at 6.30pm. Hello? Are we school children? What about 8? 8.30 even? the inital plan with Davide last night was that he'd pick me up at 9.15pm. That's not what I really consider dinner time, more a midnight snack. Anyway, I plan accordingly. Nap after work and then leave approximately 1.5hours to get ready. Just when the beautification process was about to get into full swing I received and sms from him saying would it be okay to pick me up at 8.45? Obviously, he was having a moment of temporary insanity so I told him no it would not be alright. He said 'what about 9.10?' What fucking difference does 5 minutes make? So he got here at 9.10 and I let him wait for 10. *insert Evil World Domination laugh* He had to call the restaurant to tell them we'd be late. hahaha! So the point I'm trying to make here is that isn't there a happy medium here? Like, one guy wants 6.30 (actually he wanted 6 but I told him 6.30) and the other wants 9.15. Here's a question: What about what I want?!?!?!?!?! hahahaha!

After. Of course I tried to make this as hideous as possible. Tragic (pronounced 'tres chic')

Tomorrow night I was supposed to be going out with Gaetano and co dancing again. I've had to reschedule to Saturday night due to arrangements now made with Plan B. He should be looking hot to trot given he's just had his wisdom teeth taken out. Says his face looks like a ball. Should be interesting! Not really the type of ball I'm after though..........

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