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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

This week The Cherry on Top goes to CHERRY!!!!!!

Today I have decided to post random pics. All taken quite recently.

The Cherry On Top

Hey, I bet you didn't believe moi when I told you that I looked like a dog's breakfast when I got back from the discoteque on Saturday night. Well here's the evidence. So atrocious did I look that I decided I needed a photograph. Look at the damn hair! It's a hideous sight! Can you imagine me prancing around at the discoteque thinking I was some sort of catwalk model when in actual fact I looked like this! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I could die from laughing!!!

Nice beaver. Or not?

Here's what may or may not be a stuffed beaver. hehehehe! Although I can't be too sure having never seen a beaver before. I did see this type of creature in the Dolomites the day before I took this pic at a souvenir shop. A real live one! It was sniffing the air like someone had let one rip and I wondered what it was. So when I saw this stuffed version I thought I'd better take a pic, post it on the blog and see who knows what the hell it is. I really hope it's a beaver because that would be juvenille-ishly hilarious.

Food porn with girth

This is the strudel I bought My Boys when I was in the Dolomites. Namely, the group that I taught at a nearby business. It was just to say 'I still love you all eventhough I don't teach you anymore'. Apparently, it's a speciality of the area. Look at the girth on it!

Food porn, handpicked by The Cherry

Here's some freshly picked goodies out of the garden. Let me tell you viewers, what a taste sensation! Nothing like eating food freshly picked out of the garden! Yummy!

More food porn, made by The Cherry.

Here's my dinner from last night. Octopus salad. Unfortunately, it was missing the mint I usually put in there. The usual suspects were present, however. Octopus, obviously, in all it's glory. Rocket (an ingredient spelt incorrectly right throughout a menu in Florence as 'racket'), lettuce (not sure what type), fetta and a dressing of red wine vinegar (I think balsamic would prolly be better), lemon juice and olive oil. Sprinkle with pepper and drown the mother of a dish in salt as I usually do, but not too much so that you spoil the taste of the dish, which I do regularly. Man that pisses me off when I do that! I get a tad carried away in my quest for hardened arteries by way over indulgence in salt.

Ya wanna piece????? Huh? Do ya???

What can I say? This one is one HAWT pic. Just hanging at Allie's place on the weekend and I had to take out the garbage. We both dared me to walk down the street to the big garbage bin and see what would happen (bear in mind she lives next door to a bar that the mafia frequent, no shit). Want to look as HAWT as me? It's quite simple to achieve this look. Take a pair of your ex boyfriend's thread bare boxers. For the best effect it's best that you can almost see your ass crack through the worn / practically falling apart fabric and a make sure there's a button at the front that constantly pops open, peek-a-boo style. Then take a fifty million year old, shrunk in the wash singlet and go sans bra so you can see your nipples through the top. Leave your hair as in the first picture of this post, team it all with a pair of very high heels and a pair of Christian Dior sunglasses and voila! Your look is complete!

Now peeps, there's some sort festa happening in Fornovo tonight with a bit of outdoor dancing. The Cherry is so there! I'll take a photo upon my return to casa mia (my house for all of you more Italian imparied than me) and we shall compare which look is the most feral.

Also the thing that I was freaking out about yesterday went oh so very, very well!! *squeal*. And The Break Dancer keeps sms'ing and calling me off the fucking hook. Get a clue asswipe! Not interested!!

See you on the dance floor, suckers!

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