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Friday, May 26, 2006

C is for Cherry!

Lush tagged me and I was blessed with the letter 'C'. Since Claudia has completed her list I was suddenly inspired to do the same. You're only supposed to do 10 but my list may take on a life of it's own. You've been warned.....

The sunrise taken from the balcony off my bedroom

Cock - Yeah, as if you didn't guess that was going to be first on the list. Just yesterday I set the wallpaper on my cell phone to a pic of a cock as an affirmation. So everytime I receieve a message or a phone call I think to myself 'Cherry there is more cock on the horizon'. Does anyone want my number so they can constantly send me sms's????

Crotch Watching - I love crotches and crotch watching. My name is Cherry and I am a perv.

Crotch Riders - This is terminology I learnt the other day whilst reading JD's blog, that means motorbikes. Next week I'm off to the Motorbike Grand Prix in Mugello (just outside of Florence) for three days. Motor sports aren't really my thing, but when Stacey told me that we actually had PIT PASSES for the entire three days suddenly my interest soared. Look out for the post 'Wild Weekend' in the not so distant future. Hopefully there will, indeed, be hot and 'Grand Prix' aplenty in attendance.

Cabana Boy(s) - After the crotch riders I'll be off to hang on the beach at Forte Dei Marmi for June. I did see cabanas when we went to check out houses and put two and two together. Cabanas mean there must be Cabana Boys sniffing around.

The Phosgene Kid requested pics of the countryside. I stopped the Terror Mobile on the side of the road the other day to take this shot. It didn't turn oput as well as I would've liked because of the sun, but I still think it's nice. I'll take more this weekend for you, Kid!

Cruising - As in cruising the high seas. For a week in June I'll be off to go sailing in Sardinia. Yipee! Apparently it is spectacular there. I. Cannot. Wait.

Christian Dior - One of the swimming costumes I'll be attempting to fit into during the summer. It ain't gonna be pretty peeps........

Cardiovascular Exercise - I'm trying to increase the amount of times I do this each week so I'm not completely embarressed whilst wearing the abovementioned swimming costume.

Cheese - My consumption of this basically cancels out any effect cardio may be having on my body.

Chianti, Champers & Cocks - When in doubt, drink alcohol.

Another sunrise

Cupid - I think this little bastard needs get a bit of target practice in for when he's flinging those arrows my way.

Charming (of the Prince variety) - Like I commented on Kris' blog the other day. When this guy finally does rock in, I'm gonna kick his ass for taking so long.

Contact - Yes! Contact has been made with Mr. Wanker formally known as Mr. Wonderful. Not direct contact with me. Oh no! That would be too mature. That would mean actually behaving like an adult. Mr. W. decided to take it upon himself to contact KJ and tell her that he would drop my things off to her place and what time would she be home. KJ said that she wasn't getting involved and that he had to contact me and ask if it was fine for him to drop everything over to her place. He said it was just a bag of CD's to which she replied quite forcefully (knowing that it wasn't only CD's that I'd left there) that if he wanted to drop everything over then he must contact me first. hahahaha! I await the sms. I may be waiting a while because it seems that he can't handle The Cherry's wrath! (insert Evil World Domination laugh here). So I'll be sms'ing him at a later stage and giving him a list of the things I have there and then will be getting him to drop everything over to KJ's. I'll be there when the 'drop off' takes place to make sure everything is there and, of course, to watch him squirm. Clearly, for whatever reason, he doesn't want to see me or even respond to my sms's so I think this will be quite a fun filled way to end the saga that was.....

**'C' is also for camera so please enjoy the pics!

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