Cherry Goes Global

Monday, March 06, 2006


Can people really not feel a gentle breeze caressing their half exposed ass cheeks? If not a gentle breeze, what about a gale force wind? I mean if half of your freaking ass is hanging out of your jeans, something is going to feel slightly amiss. Well, that's what thought anyway. Apparently not the case.

Tonight I was watching Striscia as I was dying to see who would take Michelle's place as the co host. So, there I was all ready for the grand entrance. The guy host introduces her, the crowd cheers and suddenly, the camera angle is such that I find myself copping a massive eyeful of the top half or her rear end, crack included, spilling over the top of her jeans. I don't think the camera man or the rest of Italy was ready for that because the camera did not go in for a closer crack inspection.

The thing that amazed me, eventhough she didn't know that this great nation had just been privy to a case of 'too much information', was that she mincing around and posing as though she didn't have her ass out there. As though she didn't know it was hanging out. As though she gets around every day like that, with literally half the length of her cheeks playing peek-a-boo. I've seen pics of the celebs with their pants hanging over the top of their jeans, but this honestly topped them all. I've never seen anyone's cup runneth over quite as much as her's.

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