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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Is Geek the New Tres Chic?

I am a closet knitter. Whenever I disclose this piece of information I am laughed at. But I happen to think that this pasttime is so geeky it's actually extremely cool. So far this season I have 'created' two 'pieces'. A cherry-red scarf and a matching cherry-red hat. I am in the midst of creating another piece: The Sweater. The Sweater is still a work in progress. Unfortunately, I don't think it will be ready by the time we head off to Trentino at the end of March for our skiing escapade. A shame really. I had grand visions of moi propping up a bar in the mountains, wearing The Sweater, whilst sipping martinis. No wait, make that just plain red wine, the last time I drank martinis I was spied doing a series of quite spectacular face plants due to loss of basic motor skills. So moi, red wine, The Sweater, dimmly lit bar, open fire and a handsome Italian stranger.....

'Si, sweetie' I'd be saying, 'This is my own creation. Si, with my own two hands and a couple of sticks, sweetie.'

I don't know how many other closet geeks there are out there harbouring deep, dark secrets such as hot cross stitched wall hangings saying 'Home Sweet Home' teamed with a nice picture of a cat or multi coloured grandma inspired throws that they have crocheted on the sly, but it's high time these hobbies were seen as cool.

I think they need to be revamped in order to appeal to the masses. Manufacturers of cross stitch patterns should ditch the 'Home Sweet Home' patterns and opt for a more contempary patterns like 'Slut's Place'. And let's see some colourful throws hanging over couches world wide saying 'Ho' in the middle.

Apparently, even Russell 'The Massive Tool' Crowe, thinks knitting is way cool too. So cool he endorses knitting and wool. There's an ad in the wool shop in Parma that pictures Russell 'The Massive Tool' Crowe with wool draped around his neck in a devil-may-care fashion, holding a couple of knitting needles. If Russell's doing it, shouldn't everyone be doing it? I know for a fact that after the phone throwing incident, everyone was out there throwing phones. Get out there peeps and geek it up, Russell style!

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