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Friday, February 24, 2006

Cherry Does Venice

'Sweetie pack your bags. We're meeting Ben and his friend in Venice tomorrow morning - we have to wake up EARLY.' were the words used by My New American Friend Maritza just a moment ago.

My New American Friend Maritza and I are double dating in downtown Venice tomorrow. Take a deep breath and you may just smell a hint of romance lingering in the air! Ben is My New American Friend Maritza's ex boyfriend and Walter is his man pal over from the mighty U.S. of A. My designated task for tomorrow is to be Walter's 'lady friend'. Should I make a name tag saying 'lady friend' or just wear my 'I'm With Stupid' t-shirt? Both great options that reek of romance.

I don't know anything about Walter but I know a whole damn lot about Mr. Ben, like him taking not one but two bullets in his manhood whilst in the combat zone (apparently, still functioning)....Ouch! I can hardly contain my excitement, knowing that I will, at long last, hear him speak his fabulous version of Italiano with my very own ears! SQUEAL!

Ben is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress and My New American Friend Maritza is a walking cloud of anxiety and breaks out in hives every two seconds. I hope they're both hooked up to their drips so the valium doses are kept high enough to ensure they chill the fuck out.

It's Carnivale time and I'm a Venice Virgin. Lock up your gondolas, Venetian peeps! Cherry's comin' to town!

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