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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Captain Travolta in the Cockpit

Dear John,

Prey tell, are you in need of a new stylist? It's just that I've noticed that all you ever seem to wear anywhere in the world is this tired old pilot's costume. I've seen you wear it in Australia and now in Italy. I dread to think how many other countries you've been spotted sporting this number. Didn't you know there are cameras on you everywhere you go and that you should never wear the same thing twice?

I think, by now, everyone knows you own and fly your own plane and the whole 'Qantas thing'. Surely the fact that you own the plane entitles you to wear something casual during the flight....Correct me if I'm wrong....


PS For a different 'new improved' look why don't you try attaching the plane the to end of your penis (after landing of course) and dangling your captain's hat from the end of the penis extension? Just a suggestion.

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