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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Suddenly a New Contender

After a full two days on the internet dating scene, I decided I'd be giving it a very wide birth. I realised the thrill of Phase One just wasn't happening in Phase Two, and not just because I had a profile on a sex site (in Phase One) as well as one of the average ones. I momentarily thought that adding my drag queenish photo to my profile may just have been the ticket to regaining the fascination that once was. Boredom set in very early on in the piece. In actual fact, I think it may have been just after I posted the part about the possible contenders....

However, whilst chatting to a friend the other night there was, suddenly, a New Contender. I decided to check it out evethough I had officially declared 'Boredom' on the Phase Two Fiasco. No harm in a peak. So I checked it out and thought 'I wonder if this guy IS really the guy in in the picture'. I showed Paul, who agreed the New Contender was most certainly was a none other than a catalogue model. This loser had a picture of a catalogue model and had whacked it on his profile and was now attempting to pull the wool over my eyes. I asked Paul if perhaps I should somehow ask him for some other pictures. Since this picture was called me1, I thought surely there must be a series of 'me' photos. In the end I couldn't be bothered putting in the effort to catch this phoney out and like Paul said, I'd probably have to wait a month or two for the next catalogue to be delivered before I got more pictures. I must admit for a minute I thought 'What if it really is him?' he looked similar to Danny, that guy on Young and the Restless but with a large-ish sort of chin. Not as big as John Tesh (former co host of E! who I still proclaim has had a chin implant because no one is born with something that huge hanging hanging off their lower lip), and quite square. But then the whole picture was ruined by this hideous green, possibly velour lounge that he was posing on. You know that whole lying on your stomach but up on your elbows with hands clasped in front of you? It was that, with floppy hair, the chin and a grin that screamed 'Don't you wanna buy a green, velour lounge?'.

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